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Department of Mathematics

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Department of Mathematics
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Department of Mathematics Undergraduate Courses

MAA4211 Advanced Calculus I (3)
Prereq: MAC 2313. Major topics: real number system, functions, sequences, limits and continuity, fundamental theorems and bounded sequences, Cauchy criterion, point sets, open, closed, compact and connected sets, derivatives, Rolle’s Theorem, law of mean, Hospital’s Rules and intermediate forms.

MAA 4212 Advanced Calculus II (3)
Prereq: MAA 4211. Major topics: Riemann integral, fundamental theorem of integral calculus, infinite series, power series, uniform convergence, functions of several variables, partial differ entiation, multiple integrals, improper integrals, Fourier series and orthog onal functions.

MAA 4402 Complex Variables (3)
Prereq: MAC 2313. Complex num bers; functions; continuity; derivatives; elementary functions; line and con tour integrals; Cauchy formula; representation by power series and classi fication of singularities.

MAC 1105 College Algebra (3)
Major topics: functions and functional notation, domains and ranges of functions, graphs of functions and relations, operations on functions, inverse functions, linear, quadratic and rational functions, absolute value and radical functions, algebraic techniques, linear and quadratic equations, functions, and inequalities, complex numbers, logarithms and exponential properties, systems of equations and inequalities, combinations and Binomial Theorem.

MAC 1114 Trigonometric Functions (3)
Prereq: MAC 1105. Major topics: trigonometric functions, properties, graphs, inverse trigonometric functions, properties, graphs, trigonometric identities, conditional trigonometric equations, solutions to triangles, vector algebra, parametric equations, polar coordinates.

MAC 1147 Pre-Calculus Mathematics (4)
Prereq: Trigonometry (high-school) and MAC 1105. Major topics: polynomial, rational, and other algebraic functions, their properties and graphs, polynomial and  rational inequalities, exponential and morganatic functions , their properties and graphs, conic sections, binomial Theorem 6.Trigonometric functions, their properties and graphs, inverse trigonometric functions, their properties and graphs, trigonometric identities, conditional trigonometric equations, solutions of triangles, vector algebra, parametric equations, polar coordinates, applications.

MAC 2233 Business Calculus (3)
Prereq: MAC 1105. Major topics: limits, continuity, differential techniques of logarithmic and exponential functions, application of derivatives, curve sketching; integration and appli cations.

MAC 2311 Calculus with Analytic Geometry I
Prereq: MAC 1147 or the combination of MAC 1114 and MAC 1105. Major topics: limits; continuity; differentiation techniques; introduction to integration; curve sketching; areas between curves; theory augmented by applications from a variety of disciplines.

MAC 2312 Calculus with Analytic Geometry II (4)
Prereq: MAC 2311. Major topics: techniques of integration, approximate integration and Simpson's Rule, application of the integral to volumes, moments, centroids, etc., conic sections, parametric equations and polar coordinates, infinite series.

MAC 2313 Calculus with Analytic Geometry III (5)
Prereq: MAC 2312. Major topics: solid analytic geometry, vectors in 3-space, partial derivatives and applications, multiple integrals, line and surface integrals, topics from plane solid analytic geometry, directional derivatives and curvature, differential calculus of functions of several variables.

MAD 2120 Finite Mathematics (3)
Major topics: matrix operations; systems of linear equations and inequali ties; linear programming and the simplex method; symbolic logic; proba bility theory; counting techniques; elementary graph theory; descriptive statistics.

MAD 3401 Numerical Analysis (3)
Prereq: MAC 2313. Programming skills required. Major topics: solutions to scalar nonlinear and finite difference equations; numerical differentiation and integration; numerical solution of initial values problems for ordinary differential equations, error and convergence; general interpolation problems, interpolation and quadrature, numerical solutions of algebraic and transcendental equations.

MAD 4203 Combinatorial Analysis (3)
Prereq: MAC 2313. Major topics: permutations and combinations, binomial coefficients, inclusion-exclusion, linear recurrence relations, generating functions, block designs, difference sets, existence and non-existence the orems, systems of distinct representatives, introduction to graphs.

MAE 4360 Methods of Teaching Middle and Secondary Mathematics (4)
Prereq: MAC 2313. Major topics: Curriculum materials and methods used in teach ing in middle and secondary schools.

MAP 2302 Differential Equations (3)
Prereq: MAC 2313. Major topics: methods of solutions of ordinary differential equations, linear equations and systems of linear equations, separation of variables, integrating factors, linear differential equations, undetermined coefficients, variation of parameters, solution by series, Laplace transform, successive approximation and applications, boundary value problems.

MAP 3130 Difference Operators
Prereq: MAC 1105 and MAD 2120.  Major topics:  difference operators, introduction to difference equations, linear difference equations with constant coefficients, examples from social sciences, Z – transforms, Cobweb cycles, generating functions, matrix methods.

MAP 3305 Engineering Mathematics I (3)
Prereq: MAC 2313. Major topics: linear algebra, determinants, matrices, eigenvalues, and eigenvectors. Ordinary differential equations, including systems of first-order equations.

MAP 3306 Engineering Mathematics II (3)
Prereq: MAP 3305. Major topics: vector calculus, solution of partial differential equations by separation of variables, Sturm-Louisville problems, Fourier series, complex numbers, Cartesian tenors.

MAP 3341 Partial Differential Equations (3)
Prereq: MAP 2302.  Major topics:  solution of first-order partial differential equations, classification of linear second-order partial differential equations, separation of variables, initial value and initial boundary value problems.

MAP 4103 Mathematical Modeling (3)
Prereq: MAP 2302.  Major topics: mathematical models of problems in the social, life, physical, and/or man agement sciences, methods of solution including Laplace transforms, Fourier Series, calculus of variations, and other techniques for solving differential equations.

MAS 3105 Linear Algebra (3)
Prereq: MAC 2313. Major topics: investigation of systems of linear equations, matrices, vector spaces, linear transformations, determinants, eigenvalues, inner product spaces.

MAS 4301 Abstract Algebra I (3)
Prereq: MAS 3105. Major topics: groups, subgroups, homomorphism theorems, rings, integral domains and quotient fields, quotient groups, polynomial rings, ideals, quotient rings, subrings,  extension fields and finite fields.

MAS 4203 Introduction to Number Theory (3)
Prereq: MAC 2313. Major topics: mathematical induction; linear Diophantine equa tions and congruence, Chinese Remainder theorem, theorems of Euler, Fermat, and Wilson, divisibility and divisibility tests, greatest common divisor, division and Euclidean algorithms, primes, number-theoretic functions.

MAT 4906 Directed Individualized Study (1-6)
Prereq: Consent of Mathematics Chairperson. Independent study or research under supervision of faculty member in various topics.

MGF 1118 Selected Topics in College Mathematics (1)
Major topics: symbolic logic and analysis of valid reasoning; informal geometry, ele mentary probability and statistics; algebra review (individualized). This course is designed primarily for CLAST preparation of students who have not taken MGF 1108 or MAD 2120 or MGF 1107.

MGF 1106 Liberal Arts Math I (3)
Major topics: systematic counting, probability, statistics, history of mathematics, sets, geometry, logic.

MGF 1107 Liberal Arts Mathematics II (3)
Major topics: financial mathematics, linear and exponential growth, numbers and number systems, history of mathematics, elementary number theory, voting techniques, graph theory.

MHF 4202 Foundations of Mathematics (3)
Prereq: MAC 1105. Major topics: sets, operations on sets, set algebra, Venn diagrams, truth tables, tautologies, applications to mathematical arguments, general techniques of mathematical induction.

MTG 2206 College Geometry (3)
Prereq: MAC 1105.  Major topics:  emphasizes Euclidean geometry and its relationship to logic, trigonometry, and coordinate geometry, the problems proofs, constructions, and graphs involve line segments, angles, triangles and polygons, parallel and perpendicular lines, slope of lines, circles, and similarity, presented in terms of right triangle relationships, logic is the basis for deductive reasoning in proofs of theorems, lines and other geometric figures are graphed in the rectangular coordinate system.

MTG 4212 Modern Pure Geometry (3)
Prereq: MAC 2313. Major topics: fundamental concepts of Euclidean Geometry treated in specialization of projective geometry. Postulate of projectivity, Quadrangles, Theorems of Desargues, Pappus and Pascal. Harmonic sets, postulates of separation, matrices, cross ratio, affine and homothetic transformations, Non-Euclidean geometry (Geometry of Bolyai-Lobachevsky).

MTG 4302 Elementary Topology (3)
Prereq: MAC 2313. Major topics: topological spaces and properties, compactness, metric spaces and continuous functions; general topological spaces, the topological spaces and topological properties. Hausdorff spaces; connectedness.

STA 2023 Probability and Statistics  (3)
Prereq: MAC 1105. Major topics: probability theory; random variables; hypothesis test ing; confidence intervals; small sample methods; correlation; simple linear regression, nonparametric statistics.

STA 3034 Mathematical Statistics (3)
Prereq: MAC 2311. Major topics: probability, random variables, hypothesis testing, estimation.

STA 4202 Design and Analysis of Experiments I (3)
Prereq: STA 3034.  MAS 3105 preferred. Major topics: analysis of variance, blocking, factorial experiment, incomplete blocks, multiple comparisons, confounding, variance components.

STA 4603 Mathematical Techniques of Operations Research
Prereq: STA 3034 and MAS 3105. Major topics: inventory theory, dynamic programming, queuing theory, network analysis, Markov chains, computer simulation.