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Department of Judicial Affairs

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Department of Judicial Affairs
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Possible Educational Sanctions

“The educational value of alternative sanctions is to assist the student in taking responsibility for his or her actions, being accountable, and learning constructive alternatives to inappropriate behavior."
Other sanctions may be imposed instead of or in addition to those specified in Regulation 2.012, of the Florida A&M University Code of Student Conduct. For example, students may be subject to dismissal from University housing for disciplinary violations which occur in the residence halls. Likewise, students may be subject to restrictions upon their driving privileges for disciplinary violations involving the use or registration of motor vehicles. Work or research projects may also be assigned.
The judicial board or panel is encouraged to create sanctions which will provide necessary sanctions for violations while contributing to the student's education. Careful attention is paid to the type of incident, the overall demeanor of the student, mitigating and aggravating circumstances.

Below are some options for possible educational sanctions
Community/Volunteer Service - the following are possible places where students can be assigned a community or volunteer work service:
o    Service/Charity Organizations - other local organizations are available for potential volunteer opportunities. This type of service must be negotiated through the Staff within the Office of Student Judicial Affairs.

Educational Programs
– The programs sponsored by other departments on the campus in cooperation with the Office of Student Judicial Affairs are:
o    Fire Safety Sanction Program - sponsored by the Department of Environmental Safety. This program consists of four one hour sessions designed to increase the awareness of students involved in fire safety related violations.
o    Drug Testing and Education Program - A student found responsible for first time possession or use of illegal drugs on or off campus is subject to a one year suspension from the University. The suspension may be withheld if the student agrees to voluntarily submit to random drug testing. This sanction will only be administered by the Director or Administrative Assistant in Judicial Affairs after an individual meeting.

- the following are suggested topics. The judicial hearing panel should determine length and due date.
o    Drugs/Alcoholism
o    Fire safety
o    Summary of Regulations
o    Interviews:
- Fireman
- Police
- University staff/faculty member
o    Ethics

Group Projects
- fund raisers for:
o    Alcohol prevention on campus
o    Campus safety awareness
    • Fire safety
Letter of Apology - To be used when appropriate between individuals and ONLY if the complaining party agrees to such a sanction!

– Judicial panel members may also recommend, but not require, individual counseling sessions if they feel this may be appropriate.

: Creative sanctioning is an on-going process. New ideas are welcomed and will be added to this list throughout the year.