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Instructional Technology

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Instructional Technology
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Online learning is an extension of existing academic programs delivered through distance learning technologies that balance an anytime, anyplace asynchronous approach with synchronous opportunities and engaging community building. In order to teach online at Florida A&M University you must complete the Distance Learning Certification. The successful completion of the certification is Mandatory for all instructors who are scheduled to teach fully online or hybrid courses.

**Instructors are required to be recertified every two years.**

Online Teaching Instructions and Forms:

The certification program is a comprehensive program that combines software training along with lessons in the methods, approaches, and practical techniques for teaching online. In addition to preparing instructors to teach online, the Online Blackboard Training sessions are designed to simulate participants' experience in the virtual classroom, and to broaden their awareness of current online course practices with the use of Web resources. Through practice of software tools and alternative teaching techniques, participants will become more acquainted with the stylistic differences of online instruction and learning.

The Training Program is designed with the practical need of online instructors in mind. Participants will be expected to complete the program by the end of the current semester. Since most of the communication is asynchronous, participants may log on at any time of day.

Frequent interaction is an important key to success in online courses. Regular interaction with other instructors as well as the facilitator will help familiarizes participants with  valuable teaching and leaning practices.


Benefits of the Program
Many faculty teaching online courses today have little experience of formal training in online instruction. Individual who complete the certification program understand the capabilities of current technologies for online teaching and learning, and as a result, are able to design pedagogically sound and highly engaging online content, learning activities, and student assessments

Certificate Requirements
In order to earn the online teaching certificate, the participant must successfully complete four (4) core courses and a teaching practicum. All courses must be taken before the practicum.
Participants will be expected to complete the program by the end of the current semester.

Although the courses can be taken independently and in any order, we strongly recommend taking the Online Pedagogy and Student Services workshop as the first course in the series.

Core Courses

[] Online Pedagogy and Student Services
[] Building Courses
Enhancing Communication
[] Assessing Learners
[] Web Conferencing with Blackboard Collaborate
[] Screen Capture Techniques with Techsmith's Camtasia (Optional)

Online Teaching Practicum
The practicum is the final course in the certificate program. During the practicum, individuals demonstrate their practical knowledge of online course design, choosing technology suitable to the audience, creating and assigning effective assessments, demonstrating the communicative nature of online courses, and following sound online design principles.

Workshop Registration

Pre-registration is required for all workshops. To view all of our workshops and to register online, please go to the Office of Instructional Technology (OIT) online registration web site: http://www.famu.edu/index.cfm?online&DLFT_Summer_2016

Online Pedagogy Workshop
Location: Online

This course provides a basic introduction on what an online or hybrid course looks like and how it functions. Online courses are designed and taught differently than face to face courses. The outcomes of years of empirical research have informed the design of online courses and rapid technological developments have provided multiple tools to help improve teaching and learning. The course will highlight some of the research findings and technology tools.

Blackboard 9.1.14 Training

Location: Online

This Introduction to Blackboard training course provides a self-paced introduction to the Blackboard Learn course environment. It highlights some of the instructional tools that can enhance student learning and save time for instructors. A combination of learning activities has be prepared for the learner to explore.

Each module is designed to include opportunities for reading and guided exploration, as well as videos to watch that demonstrate how to use the Blackboard tools. they discuss pedagogical principles related to online learning in both web enhanced and distance education environments. Finally, you will have an opportunity to test your understanding and apply what you have learned through a number of hands-on activities and quizzes.

Part I: Building Courses

Part II: Enhancing Communication

Part III: Assessing Learners

Web Conferencing with Blackboard Collaborate
Location: Online & 104 Coleman Library (Hybrid Workshop)

This workshop will introduce participants to the process of distributing audio and video content for synchronous web based learning. Faculty will be given step-by-step instructions on the use of the desktop videoconferencing program Blackboard Collaborate (Formerly known as:  Elluminate Live!).