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Human Resources

Faculty/Staff Directory  Faculty/Staff Directory
Phone  850.599.3611
Fax  850.561.2080

Human Resources
1700 S. Adams St.
211 Foote-Hilyer Administration Center (FHAC)
Tallahassee, FL 32307

Recruitment and Classification

Getting started with the Employment, Reclassification and Appointment Processes

Class Spec Manager

This area manages the functions of Recruitment, Classification and Employment sections including, but not limited to:

  • Maintains Class Specifications for A&P and USPS class titles
  • Establishes and Classifies A&P and USPS authorized positions
  • Maintains Position Descriptions for A&P and USPS authorized positions
  • Conducts Position Reviews for A&P and USPS authorized positions to ensure appropriate classification upon management's request
  • Maintains Pay Levels and Pay Ranges for A&P and USPS classes
  • Maintains exempt and nonexempt USPS class titles listing
  • Develops and coordinates a Classification Redesign Project to update Class Specifications and Pay Level Ranges for A&P and USPS Pay Plans
  • Maintains Desk Procedures, Website, University Regulations and Procedures governing Classification and Pay

Administers the Recruitment and Employment Programs for A&P, USPS and OPS Staff positions
  • Prepares A&P, Faculty and USPS position vacancy advertisements
  • Assist departments/areas in preparation of position vacancy advertisement waivers
  • Receives and processes Employment Applications
Participates in and assist departments/areas in the Employee Selection Process including the:
  • Selection Criteria
  • Interview Process
  • Veteran's Preference
  • Search and Screen Committees
  • Determining Training and Experience Equivalency
  • Drug Testing
  • Fingerprinting and Criminal History Checks
Coordinates and prepares or assist the departments/areas in the Employee Appointment Process:
  • Process Employment Checklist Documents
  • Assist departments/areas in conducting Employment Reference Checks
  • Obtain High School Diplomas, Certificates, Licenses and College Transcripts
  • Substantiate candidate's eligibility
Maintain Desk Procedures, Website, University Regulations and Procedures governing Recruitment and Employment of A&P and USPS employees.
The area is also responsible for the proper allocation and classification of all positions utilized by the University.

Employment is available in the following categories:

Executive Service – These positions are assigned to the Administrative and Professional Classification Plan and ordinarily report directly to the President. These positions are responsible for or are significantly involved in policy making at the University and do not have tenure and do not have any expectation of appointment beyond a 60 days’ notice period.

Faculty – These positions are assigned the principal responsibility of teaching, research, or public service activities or administrative responsibility for functions directly related to the academic mission.

Administrative and Professional (A&P) – These positions perform administrative and management responsibilities or professional duties at the department/unit level or above.

A&P Search and Screening Procedures (updates in progress)

University Support Personnel System (USPS) – These positions perform professional, paraprofessional, administrative, clerical, secretarial, technical, skilled crafts, service or maintenance duties.

Other Personal Service (OPS) – These are at-will, temporary employment positions.

Employment Eligibility

Federal Immigration and Naturalization laws require that employers hire only citizens and nationals of the United States and lawfully authorized alien workers.  Compliance with the law requires completion of Form I-9, which is used to verify identity and employment eligibility of all persons hired at the University.


Job announcements for Faculty and A&P and USPS vacancies are distributed on Thursday of each week.  Vacancy information for Faculty positions may also be obtained from the Division of Academic Affairs (850) 599-3276.