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Human Resources

Faculty/Staff Directory  Faculty/Staff Directory
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Human Resources
1700 S. Adams St.
211 Foote-Hilyer Administration Center (FHAC)
Tallahassee, FL 32307

Payroll Operations

Payroll Operations is a unit within the Human Resources Office which processes the University’s payroll.  This Section utilizes the Human Resources module of the University’s iRattler HCM Payroll Module to produce pay checks and electronic fund transfers for employees’ direct deposits, which are processed on a bi-weekly basis.


All University employees are paid on a bi-weekly basis.  Regular, bi-weekly payroll is processed during an “on-cycle payroll” period.   Electronic fund transfer or direct deposit of wages into a specified bank account occurs in lieu of issuing a pay check.

Off-Cycle payrolls are used for payments that could not be processed during the on-cycle payroll.  Examples would include overpayments and collections, unemployment compensation and determination notices and unemployment hearings, general deductions/involuntary deductions/additional payroll deduction codesResponsibilities of the Payroll Office include but are not limited to the following:


  • Payroll processing (on and off cycle)
  • Awards and employee recognitions processing
  • Benefits deduction adjustments
  • Payline adjustments
  • CJIP (Criminal Justice Incentive Pay)
  • Direct Deposit enrollments and updates
  • General deductions/additional payroll deduction codes
  • Overpayments
  • Employment and wage verifications
  • Retroactive payments payroll records
  • Law Enforcement Officers uniform allowances
  • Beneficiary payments
  • Unemployment compensation determination notices
  • Salary refunds
  •  W-4 Card – federal withholding tax

New and Continuing Other Personal Services (OPS) Appointments and Payroll Manual

The following guidelines outline the procedures for hiring new or continuing Other Personal Services (OPS) employees at Florida A&M University. Consistent application of the steps identified herein will serve to ensure the use of “best practices” throughout the hiring process.
Applicable Laws/Rules:
Sections 110.131 (1) (b), 110.131(3), 216.011(1) (dd), 440, 448.110, Florida Statutes
Fair Labor Standards Act
Article X, Section 24, Florida Constitution
Family and Medical Leave Act
Worker’s Compensation Law
Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University Board of Trustees Regulation 10.116
Office of Human Resources Internal Operating Procedure HR-3002
Graduate Assistants United – Faculty of Florida Collective Bargaining Agreement
State University System of Florida Graduate Codes
State University System of Florida- Board of Governors Glossary

OPS employment for (i) OPS-Students, including Undergraduate and Graduate, (ii) OPS-Staff, (iii) Graduate Assistants, (iv) Adjunct Faculty, and (v) Federal Work Study students, is a temporary employer/employee relationship that is used solely for accomplishing short term or intermittent tasks. This category of employment is used to fund the compensation for services rendered by a person who is not filling an established position.  OPS employees do not fill established positions and may not be assigned the duties of any vacant authorized position. Employees in the OPS pay plan serve at-will and are subject to actions such as pay changes, changes to work assignment, and terminations at the pleasure of the University President, Provost, Vice President or President’s designee. Employees may be separated from employment at any time.  Notice or reason for termination is not required. Lay-off rights do not apply.  This category of employment includes, but is not limited to, services or temporary employees, student or graduate assistants, persons on fellowships, part-time academic employees, board members, and consultants and other services specifically budgeted by each agency, or by the judicial branch, in this category.

OPS employees are paid for the actual number of hours worked. All work hours over 40 within a work week are paid at one and one-half times the employee's hourly rate of pay when the position is designated as "included” or “nonexempt" under the federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).   OPS employees paid from Contract and Grant funding cannot exceed 40 hours within a work week.  In addition, Faculty overloads cannot be paid from Contract and Grants funding.  An OPS employee’s rate-of-pay must be at least at minimum Federal wage rate, unless the State of Florida or the respective State for which the hours are worked is higher than the minimum Federal wage rate.