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Wheatley Hall

Construction of Wheatley Hall was started in 1947 and completed in 1949.  It was originally called the “1947” dormitory.   In 1953, the dorm was named in honor of the famed eighteenth century African America poetess, Phyllis Wheatley, who composed the poem; “His Excellency General Washington”, in honor of the Revolutionary war leader.  Wheatley Hall is a four floor facility which is designed to house(202) residents.  It is equipped with a laundry facility, electronic access, wireless internet capability, and a general study area downstairs.  Wheatley Hall offers community bathrooms.  Each bathroom is equipped with several shower stalls, toilets, and sinks.  It is located in the West Quadrangle across from the Student Union Building and is connected to Cropper and Truth Halls.   It is conveniently located near the main administration building which includes the Admissions Office, Financial Aid Office, the Scholarship Office, etc.