Office of University Housing

The school of the Environment Living-Learning Community is for first year (freshman) students
who have an interest in pursuing careers in Environmental Sciences or Environmental Studies. 
Students will participate in sustainability efforts, learn about the impact of environmental
degradation and ecosystem health on their live, have an enhanced understanding of the issues,
and be equipped with solutions for solving the problems.  Freshman students with a GPA of 3.0
on a 4.0 scale and a 500 on the SAT Math or 21 on the ACT Math are encouraged to apply.  Students
must also complete a one page essay stating "Why you would like to enroll in Environmental
Science or Environmental Studies?" 

To apply, complete the online Housing Application and click on the School of the Environment LLC link.

            (The LLC deadline date May 1, 2019)

For questions please contact:

School of the Environment LLC Community Liaisons:

Ms. Diane Hall
Chief Recruiter/Coordinator of Academic Programs

Contact Info

1596 Gibbs Hall Trail
Lower Level of Gibbs Hall
Tallahassee, FL 32307

P: 850.599.3651
F: 850.561.2620