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1596 Gibbs Hall Trail
Lower Level of Gibbs Hall
Tallahassee, FL 32307
Living-Learning Communities

So, what is a living-learning community?
FAMU’s Living-Learning Communities (LLCs) provide a holistic and
diverse style to student growth and education. Our residents live in
housing facilities which support these ideals through academic
partnerships, service-learning opportunities and in-hall education. 
Each community facilitates a uniquely-designed platform which
connects students, faculty, and staff through the classroom,
programming and personal interaction. 
While our living-learning communities are diverse in majors and
programming, the core emphasis is placed on
academics. The residents do not simply live in the same facility or
on the same hall; however each takes part in academic
programming that encourages working together as a community. 
Designed for first-year students, our LLCs concentrate
on learning through motivating, cultivating, and challenging our
residents in and outside of the classroom.

Please click on links below to view our LLCs:

How to become a part of a LLC?

***(The LLC deadline date is Wednesday, May 25, 2016)***


You can only apply for one LLC. All students must have an active
on-campus Housing Contract in order to be considered for
membership in one of the LLCs! 
You must be a first time in college student for the fall 2016-2017
academic year, and
  • Plan to major in a degree program offered by the seleted LLC school/college;
  • Remain in the selected LLC for one academic year;
  • Actively participate and complete all work required for the selected Living-Learning Community Program (Note:  Nonparticipation in the selected LLC meetings, programs and activities, will result in removal from the designated FAMU Village LLC residence hall floor and LLC program;
  • Please note that scholarship students who choose the LLC option are responsible for the additional housing costs associated with FAMU Village unless you have already been chosen and named as a National Merit Semifinalist, Finalist, or National Merit Scholar (go to http://nationalmerit.org/ if you need further clarification).
This LLC does not allow roommates that are not admitted
individually to the LLC (i.e., if you are a business major and want to
live in the Business LLC, your roommate has to be a Business major).
Future residents under the age of 18 years old must submit a paper
application to the University Housing Office located at 1596 Gibbs
Hall Trail, Tallahassee, FL  32307.

Applications are reviewed and accepted students will be notified by email. 
At that time, students will either accept or decline the space and if
accepting, indicate roommate preference, if any.  Students will receive
room seletion instructions in late March on how to choose a room from
the available spaces in LLC.

LLCs have limited availbility and are reserved on a first come, first
served basis.  Interested students are screened and selected by the
Dean or his/her designee for assignment in the LLC.


                    Want More Information?

                 Please feel free to contact us:
Dr. Brenda C. Spencer
Director, Academic Integration and Student Transitional Services/
Living-Learning Community Program
FAMU Undergraduate Student Success Center
at (850) 412-5790(850) 412-5790 or
with questions about LLCs.    
Contact University Housing
at 850-599-3651850-599-3651 or (famuhousing@famu.edu)
with questions about the housing application.