Office of University Housing

Work Order requests (Students Only)

Please email
FAMU Housing Maintenance for all work orders in Housing facilities.  See information below.

             Request For Maintenance

Please send a work order request email
(using your FAMU email address) to
           Housing Maintenance at
                (You may need to copy and paste email address)

Submit a Request For Maintenance by entering the following information in the body of your email:

  • Your email address (
  • Residence Hall
  • Room Number
  • Bed Space
  • Detailed Issue: i.e. (The light in bathroom E is out)

Once you have emailed your request to housing maintenance email address, maintenance
will look it over to make sure they have the necessary information to complete your request
or send you an email requesting additional information.

If your request has all the necessary information to complete your request, a work order number
will be sent back to you and your residence hall for reference and tracking purposes.
The work order will be assigned to one of Housing’s maintenance staff to be completed.

If there is an issue that may delay the completion of your request, an email will be sent to you
and your residence hall referencing your work order number with the details of why and how long
your request may be delayed.

When your request is completed an email will be sent referencing your work order number notifying
you of your requests completion.

Note:   When maintenance staff visits your residence, they will knock three times
and yell maintenance three time before entering your residence.  If you do not
answer or open the door, they will open the door using a master key announcing
that maintenance is in the residence.  If no one is home they will place a door hanger
on the entrance door notifying you that there is maintenance staff working in your
residence.  When the maintenance staff leaves, he or she will leave notes on the door
hanger about their visit.  No residence will be entered before 9AM unless there is an
emergency that will result in a safety hazard or damage to property.

Contact Info

1596 Gibbs Hall Trail
Lower Level of Gibbs Hall
Tallahassee, FL 32307

P: 850.599.3651
F: 850.561.2620