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1596 Gibbs Hall Trail
Lower Level of Gibbs Hall
Tallahassee, FL 32307

First Time At Florida A&M University


(a)    All First Time In College (FTIC) students whose permanent home mailing address indicated in the Student’s University record is more than 35 miles from campus shall reside in a University owned or leased housing facility, based on space availability, for the first academic year of enrollment.
              a.       A FTIC student is defined as a student under the age of 21 prior to the first day of classes with fewer than 30 semester hours recognized by Florida A&M University and has resided in University housing for less than two semesters.
              b.      College credits earned during high school completion through accelerated mechanisms such as Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, Advanced International Certificate of Education, dual enrollment courses, career academy courses, national industry certification courses, as well as course offering through virtual     instruction will not be counted towards an exemption from the On-Campus Residency Requirement.

Failure to comply with this rule is a violation of University policy and will result in you being charged two semesters of on-campus rent. For purposes of this provision, the following are on-campus residence hall facilities designated for freshmen: Cropper Hall, Diamond Hall, Gibbs Hall, McGuinn Hall, Paddyfote Complex, Palmetto North Apartments, Palmetto South Apartments, Phase III Apartments, Sampson Hall, Truth Hall, Wheatley Hall, Young Hall, and new 800-bed housing facility yet to be named.

To request an exception from this rule, please complete the Request for Exemption from Housing Residency Requirement form and provide supporting documentation regarding your exemption request. The deadline to submit a request and receive a response prior to the first day of class is July 31st. Any requests received after this deadline will not guarantee a response prior to the first day of class and the student is still obligated to adhere to the rule unless notified in writing by the Appeals Committee.

Please contact the University Housing Office for more information.

1596 Gibbs Hall Trail
Tallahassee, FL  32307
Phone:  (850) 599-3651
Toll No:  (888) 603-9340
Fax:  (850) 561-2620