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Department of History and Political Science
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African American Studies

Program Description:

The Bachelor of Science degree in African-American Studies is an interdisciplinary program, utilizing the resources and faculty of several departments. The program is designed to prepare students for careers in teaching, research, social service agency employment, as well as provide pre-professional training for graduate study.

Major Requirements:

A major in African-American Studies is required to take thirty-six (36) semester hours of interdisciplinary African-American course cognates. Students earning a major or minor in African American Studies must earn at least a 2.00 GPA (“C”) in each course completed in their African American studies discipline. All students earning a major in the area must have at least a 2.00 GPA overall to qualify for graduation with a degree in the degree program. Also, all classes other than natural sciences must be passed with a grade of “C” or better. See your advisor for course sequences in: mathematics, social science, humanities, statistics, and computers.

Minor Requirements:

African-American Studies minors must take eighteen (18) hours of interdisciplinary African-American courses, inclusive of AMH 3571, AMH 3572, PUP 3313, SOC 4720, and nine (9) hours of other 3000-4000 level African-American Studies courses.

Degree Program (Use if you entered the program in Fall 2012 or later)

Degree Program (Use only if you entered the program before Fall 2012)


1.) AFH 4100 History of Africa
2.) AFH 4200 History of Africa (19 th /20 th Centuries)
3.) AFA 4936 Senior Seminar in African Amer. History
4.) AFA 2000 Introduction to African Amer. Studies
5.) AMH 3571 African American History, 1492-1865
6.) AMH 3572 African American History, 1865-Present
7.) AMH 4573 Black Americans in the 20 th Century
8.) AMH 4575 The Civil Rights Movement
9.) PUP 3313 Blacks and the Political Process
10.) AML 4000 African American Literature
11.) AML 4604 African American Legacy, I
12.) AML 4610 African American Novel
13.) AML 4276 African American Novel II
14.) AML 4934 Seminar in African American Literature
15.) AML African American Caribbean Literature
16.) HUM 3421 African Americans in Film
17.) MUH 3116 Jazz History
18.) MUH 3561 African American Music
19.) MUH 4930 Special Topics Seminar: Hip Hop
20.) THE 3235 Contemporary Black Theatre
21.) PHM 3120 Contemporary Black Social Philosophy
22.) REL 2135 Black Religion in America
23.) REL 3156 Religion, Personality, and Race
24.) REL 3383 Caribbean Religion and Culture
25.) ANT 3340 Caribbean Cultural Patterns
26.) SOP 3724 Psychology of Racism and Prejudice
27.) SOP 3782 Black Psychology
28.) CCJ 4662 Race, Class, and Justice
29.) SYD 3770 Race and Culture
30.) SYD 4730 Sociology Black Experience
31.) ARH 4633 African American Art
32.) MMC 4601 Black Media and America


1.) AFH 4100 History of Africa
2.) AFH 4200 History of Africa (19 th /20 th Centuries)
3.) AFA 4936 Senior Seminar in African Amer. History
4.) GEA 3600 Geography of Africa
5.) CPO 3204 Contemporary African Politics
6.) CPO 4202 Politics and Government of African States
7.) ANT 3352 Peoples and Cultures of Africa
8.) ANT 3351 South African Ethnography
9.) HUM 3425 African Humanities
10.) LIT 3353 Introduction to African Literature
11.) ARH 4520 African Art