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The Graduate Feeder Scholars Program (GFSP) in the School of Graduate Studies and Research is an official partnership agreement arranged by FAMU with more than 40 participating universities located throughout the United States. The GFSP affords FAMU students the opportunity to receive advanced study in graduate programs not available at FAMU. The feeder arrangement was conceptualized and created in response to the national need to increase the number of African Americans participating in advanced graduate education.  The GFSP was designed with FAMU as the lead university in this consortium. As the lead institution, FAMU acts as the hub of the consortium with a committed role of providing a pool of qualified underrepresented minorities motivated to pursue the Master's or Doctoral degrees.
Participation in the GFSP is voluntary and is targeted primarily for any current student of FAMU in any academic discipline, with the exception of the professional schools. FAMU and the Feeder Institutions have established a partnership agreement or Memorandum of Understanding. This partnership agreement spells out the Feeder Institution’s level of participation in the program. The Feeder Representative is usually associated with the Graduate School and may serve as a liaison to the student and FAMU.  The Feeder Representative may also serve as a mentor/advisor to the student upon admission to the Feeder Institution.

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