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Graduate Student Orientation

Florida A&M University offers a Graduate Student Orientation before the start of the fall, spring, and
summer semesters, and each session is designed to prepare you for your FAMU experience.

At the Orientation, you will:

• Meet representatives from various departments such as Financial Aid, the Registrar’s Office, and
your academic unit;

• Learn about University services available to you;

• Find out about the many ways you can get involved on campus; and

• Take a tour of the FAMU Campus (optional).

 A mandatory International Student Orientation will also be offered at a separate time. For more information please contact:

Office of International Education and Development
100 Lee Hall
Tallahassee, Florida 32307

If you are attending the Graduate Student orientation, and require special accommodations,
call the Center for Disability Access and Resources (CeDAR) at 850-599-3180 or


Academic Program Orientation

Check with your academic program office regarding additional orientation sessions that you may
be required to attend. For a list of graduate program contacts please

After receiving admission to FAMU for a degree program, you will have to apply for a visa to enter the
United States. You will receive a packet from the Office of International Education and Development
containing your I-20 form and other related information. You will use the I-20 to apply for the F-1 visa (student visa).
For locations of U.S. embassies and consulates:

For more information on how to apply for a student visa to study in the U.S., please click on

An I-901 fee is required for all F-1 visa applications. It activates the form I-20 in the SEVIS system and
the receipt for payment of the fee will be required at the visa interview.
Here is the link: Detailed F-1 visa application information
could be obtained at

International Student Orientation

All newly admitted F-1/J-1 international students must report to the Office of International Education and
Development upon arrival on campus, and before registering for classes. You can also reach the office by phone at (850) 599-3295.

Also, they are required to attend the International New Student Orientation. The following topics are covered:
health insurance, maintaining a valid visa status, SEVIS (Student &Exchange Visitor Information System),
enrollment requirements, information on employment, social security cards, as well as on-campus and off-campus
resources for international students. For more information and deadlines, please visit the Office of International
Education and Development, Florida A&M University, 100 Lee Hall, or call (850) 599-3295.

Mandatory Health Insurance for International Students

Before registering for classes, each admitted international student must submit proof of compliance with the Florida
Board of Governors mandatory health and accident insurance. No exceptions are made for submitting this proof.
Written proof of insurance must be provided to the FAMU Health Center and must be valid at all times.
Cancellation of the policy or stoppage of the premium will result in the administrative withdrawal of the student from all classes.
For more information, click on or
contact the FAMU Student Health Services Center on the 1st floor in the Foote-Hilyer Administration Center;
Telephone number: (850) 599-3777; FAX number: 850-599-3067.

Rattler Identification (ID) Number

Each FAMU student is assigned a unique 9 digit number (RATTLER ID number) which is necessary for enrollment,
registration, transcript request, application for scholarships, and other curriculum activities. Your Rattler ID is the
number you were previously assigned when you applied to FAMU. You can find this number printed on your admission letter.

E-mail Activation

All students enrolled at FAMU, and taking at least one course in the current semester are assigned a
FAMU e-mail account. All important communications from the University are sent to your FAMU e-mail address.
Therefore, it is extremely important that you check your FAMU email on a consistent basis.
For information on setting up your account, please call (850) 412-4357 (HELP)

Rattler Identification (ID) Card

The Rattler ID card is your student photo ID, which is required to check out books at the library,
use campus facilities, access meal plans, gain secured access to buildings, etc.

Visit   for more information.
You may obtain your Rattler ID card only after you have registered for classes.
You will be required to bring a valid picture ID to the following office:


Student Services
601 Gamble Street,
Florida 32307
Tel: 850.599.8366

Parking Decal

If you are going to be commuting to campus you must have the University Parking Decal
on your vehicle at all times. All students pay a Transportation Access Fee each
semester, and a student decal will be issued to you by the Department of Parking Services.
To obtain the appropriate parking decal and parking rules, visit

For more information you can also call the FAMU Parking Information Center at (850) 561-2203


As a pre-requisite to registration, Florida A&M University requires all students to comply
with the immunization policy regulations at
defined by the Florida Board of Governors regarding immunity to:

• Measles, Mumps, Rubella, and

• Hepatitis B and Meningitis

All incoming students are required to complete the FAMU Health History and Immunization form.
This information must be submitted directly to Student Health Services. For further information, please call (850) 599-3777.

Student Health Services
1700 Lee Hall Drive
116 Foote-Hilyer AC
Tallahassee, FL 32307

Financial Aid

Financial aid for graduate students is available in several forms. Fellowships and Graduate Assistantships
are awarded to students by their department or the University Graduate School. There are external scholarships
offered by outside organizations and agencies. Federal and state financial aid is available to
U.S. Citizens and Permanent Residents only. To learn more about financial aid opportunities,
please visit our website at  

To Apply for Federal or State Aid

Eligible students who wish to apply for U.S. federal or state financial aid are required to complete the
Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) annually. Applications for financial assistance are available
in January for the following academic year which begins in August. FAMU’s annual priority deadline is
March 1st
. Applications completed after this deadline will be processed in order of receipt.

FAFSA web filers will require a Federal PIN (Personal Identification Number) to be used in lieu of
student and parent signatures. Therefore, students will need to apply for a PIN.
To obtain a Federal
PIN, visit In order to complete the FAFSA electronically, go to

Please remember to periodically check your “To Do” list to ensure that there are no issues regarding
the filing of your FAFSA (e.g. the submission of your parent’s income tax return,
or that you have been selected for verification).

For additional information, please visit



Registration for classes takes place online via   To log on to your account
use the email address and password generated for you by the
FAMU Information Technology (IT) Department or call (850)412-4357.

Before registering, meet with your program advisor to select the appropriate classes for your program.
The university’s Academic Calendar will be your main reference for deadlines including registration, add/drop dates.
Please visit  to view the calendar.  
Also, the Graduate Studies & Research (GSR) website will post information on funding opportunities,
professional development workshops, and any upcoming activities hosted by GSR.

Registration Holds

Log on to iRattler at   to
determine if you currently have any holds that will prevent you from registering. To access your account,
use the email address and password generated for you by the
FAMU Information Technology (IT) Department or call (850) 412-4357. Please have your student ID number.

Contact information will be provided to clear any holds you may have.

Florida Residency for Tuition Purposes

Your Florida residency status as indicated on your admission letter (i.e. In-State or Out-of-State) was
determined based on the information you provided to the School of Graduate Studies and Research
at the time you applied. Tuition rates will be applied to your account based on this status.  If you believe
your status is incorrect, please call the School of Graduate Studies and Research at (850)599-3505. 
For information on Residency Classification for the purpose of tuition,

Housing Plan

Florida A&M University’s Housing Department allows graduate students to take advantage of the
on-campus housing experience at FAMU. Currently there are a number of different housing
accommodations available for graduate students. For information on all accommodations,
please visit  

In order to secure on-campus housing, you will need to submit a housing application and an
advance payment to:

Office of University Housing
1596 Gibbs Hall Trail                                                                                              
Tallahassee, FL32307-6000

For more details on completing an application for housing please visit  

Meal Plan

Meal Plans are available to graduate students, who live on or off campus.
For more information, please visit


Contact Info

515 Orr Drive
Room 469 Tucker Hall
Tallahassee, FL 32307

P: 850.599.3505
F: 850.599.3727