School of Graduate Studies and Research
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The mission of the School of Graduate Studies & Research via the Graduate Feeder Scholars Program is to: (1) Promote graduate education, scholarship and research; (2) Equip our students with the knowledge and tools to become successful, highly motivated graduate students; (3) Provide students with a mechanism to pursue graduate study in areas not available at Florida A&M University; and (4) Act as liaison between the Feeder Institutions and the students to advocate a quality graduate experience.
The Graduate Feeder Program objectives are to:
  • Enroll 75-100 FAMU graduates annually in the Feeder Institutions;
  • Monitor the admission, financial offers, academic progression, and graduation of the scholars;
  • Maintain regular and continual contact and direct communication with the scholars;
  • Monitor scholars compliance with GPA requirements to remain active in the program;
  • Notify scholars of their program status as changes occur;
  • Ensure effective human relations and assessment of the climate of receptivity by visiting the Feeder Institutions; and
  • Maintain information on the scholars for future research

Contact Info

515 Orr Drive
Room 469 Tucker Hall
Tallahassee, FL 32307

P: 850.599.3505
F: 850.599.3727