School of Graduate Studies and Research
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Graduate Program Coordinators and Contacts

College of Social Sciences, Arts, and Humanities

M.S. in Community Psychology

Dr. Jermaine Robertson, Assistant Professor

210 Tucker Hall | (850) 412-5542

M.S. in Social Work

Dr. Gail Augustine, Assistant Professor

300 Benjamin Banneker Building | (850) 599-3456

Master of Applied Social Science (M.A.S.S.)

Dr. Darius Young, Professor

403 Tucker Hall | (850) 599-3390


College of Science and Technology

M.S. in Biology

Dr. Lekan Latinwo, Chair & Professor

217 Jones Hall | (850) 599-3908

M.S. in Chemistry

Dr. Edith N. Onyeozili,  Associate Professor, Graduate Coordinator

219 Jones Hall | (850) 412-5328

M.S. in Computer Information Sciences
M.S. in Software Engineering Sciences

Dr. Edward Jones, Professor

308 Benjamin Banneker Building A | (850) 599-3050

Graduate Contact: Mrs. Myra Gurley
111 Jones Hall (850) 599-2470

M.S. in Physics
Ph.D. in Physics

Dr. Mario Encinosa, Interim Chair
Dr. Bidhan Saha, Graduate Coordinator

111 Jones Hall | (850) 599-3470

Graduate Contact : Ms. Sonja Richardson


College of Education

M.S. in Counseling - School & Mental Health
M.Ed. in Counseling - School & Mental Health

Dr. Hassiem Kambui

Associate Professor
Interim Chair and
Program Coordinator
GEC-C Suite 112

M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction

Dr. Peggy Auman, Director of Assessment & Accountability

A313 Gore Education Complex | (850) 412-6650

M.S. in Educational Leadership
M.Ed. in Educational Leadership
Ph.D. in Educational Leadership

Dr. Ghazwan Lutfi, Professor

C122 Gore Education Complex | (850) 561-2298

M.S. in Elementary Education
M.Ed. in Elementary Education

Dr. Mary E. Newell, Assistant Professor

B311 Gore Education Complex | (850) 599-3397

M.S. in Sport Management

Dr. Sarah L. Price, Coordinator
433 Lawson Multipurpose Center | dept (850) 599-3135, direct (850) 412-5956



FAMU – FSU College of Engineering

M.S. in Biomedical Engineering
Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering

M.S. in Chemical Engineering  
Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering

Dr. Samuel Grant, Chair and Associate Professor

A-131 College of Engineering Building | (850) 410-6149

M.S. in Civil Engineering
M.Eng. in Civil Engineering
Ph.D. in Civil Engineering

Dr. John Sobanjo, Associate Professor

A-129 College of Engineering Building | (850) 410-6149

Mrs. Daynah Blake, Graduate Admissions Contact

A-129 College of Engineering Building | (850) 410-6136

M.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering
Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering

Dr. Petru Andrei, Associate Professor

A-341 College of Engineering Building | (850) 410-6456

M.S. in Industrial Engineering
Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering

Dr. Arda Vanli, Assistant Professor
A-252 College of Engineering Building | (850) 410-6354

M.S. in Mechanical Engineering
Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering

Mr. George Green, Graduate Coordinator

A-240 College of Engineering Building | (850) 410-6196


College of Agriculture and Food Sciences

M.S. in Agricultural Sciences
Ph.D. in Entomology

Dr. James Muchovej, Professor and Graduate Coordinator

406 Perry Paige | (850) 599-8725


College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

M.S. in Pharmaceutical Sciences
Ph.D. Pharmaceutical Sciences

Dr. Carl B. Goodman, Assistant Dean and Professor

201 Dyson Pharmacy Building | (850) 561-2119

Graduate Contact: Ms. Yolanda Boronell

MPH in Public Health
DrPH in Public Health

Ms. Gloria James, Graduate Contact

350 New Pharmacy Building | (850) 412-7701


School of Architecture and Engineering Technology

M.S. in Architecture
M.Arch. in Architecture

Andrew D. Chin, M.S., Assistant Dean and Associate Professor

232 Architecture Building | (850) 599-3244

M.S. in Architecture - Major: Facilities Management

Ms. Bertina Brewster, Contact

207 Architecture Building | (850) 599-3244

School of Allied Health Sciences

MSOT in Occupational Therapy

Dr. Debora Oliveira, Associate Professor

223G Ware-Rhaney East | (850) 599-3818

Master of Health Adminstration

Dr. Martha M. Perryman, Associate Professor & Interim Director

326 Lewis-Beck Allied Health Building | (850)561-2009

DPT in Physical Therapy

Dr. Dawn Brown-Cross, Director & Associate Professor

223G Ware-Rhaney East | 850-561-2014


School of Business and Industry

Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.)

Ms. Felicia Williams, Director of Academic Support Services

302 SBI East Wing | (850) 561-2356


 School of the Environment

M.S. in Environmental Studies
Ph.D. in Environment Studies

Ms. Hazel Taylor, Graduate Contact

305 FSH Science Research Center | (850) 599-8193

Dr. Marcia Owens,
Associate Professor and Graduate Coordinator
308-L FSH Science Research Center | (850) 599-8556


 School of Nursing

M.S.N. Master of Science in Nursing

Dr. Jaibun Earp, Professor, Associate Dean, and Graduate Program Coordinator

Lewis-Beck Allied Health Building | (850) 599-3458

Contact Info

515 Orr Drive
Room 469 Tucker Hall
Tallahassee, FL 32307

P: 850.599.3505
F: 850.599.3727


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