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Applying for Florida Residency
For the purpose of assessing registration and tuition fees, a student shall be classified as a “resident or nonresident”. A “resident for tuition purposes “is a person who qualifies for the in-state tuition rate. A “nonresident for tuition purposes” is a person who does not qualify for the in-state tuition rate.

At FAMU, there are three offices responsible for the initial review of residency for tuition purposes under Florida Statute 240.1201 and Board of Education Rule 6C-7.005. These offices are 1) The Office of Admissions, 2) The Office of Graduate Admissions and 3) The Office of the University Registrar. The first office determines residency for all first-time-on-campus students. The Office of the University Registrar is the only office to which students can apply for changes in residency once they are enrolled. First-time-on-campus students will be classified in accordance with the information on their applications, including the “Florida Resident Affidavit” on the last page of the application, providing no other information is available calling into question the information on the application.

To qualify as a Florida resident for tuition purposes in accordance with Rule 6C-7.005 of the Florida Administrative Code, students must: be a United States citizen, resident alien, parolee, Cuban national, Vietnamese refugee, or other refugee or granted asylum as designated by the United States Immigration and Naturalization Service. There are several ways to obtain residency. Please review the application which could be found at

Academic Common Market
The Academic Common Market (ACM) offers in-state funding to students from certain states within the ACM. For details, click on . Students, who qualify under this option, will be required to check section "L" on the residency form and submit it the Graduate Admissions Office (469 Tucker Hall).

Residency for Graduate Students on Appointment
Graduate research and teaching assistants who are United States citizens or permanent residents are eligible for in-state residency for tuition purposes. Students must take the appropriate action to become in-state residents for tuition purposes at the beginning of their first semester of enrollment.  The resident re-classification could be found at

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