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Governmental Relations
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FAMU Facts
The facts below are a reminder of Florida A&M University’s (FAMU) importance from the high quality of a FAMU education to the ways FAMU research is driving economic development. You can use these points of pride to bolster the key messages you share with your elected officials.

FAMU has more than 55,000 living graduates and more than 250,000 alumni (who completed at least one FAMU class) worldwide. More than 30,000 FAMU graduates live in Florida.  

Academic Excellence
FAMU is the nation’s No. 1 producer of African-Americans with baccalaureate degrees, and as recently as 2006 was cited as the No. 1 university in the nation for African-Americans by Black Enterprise Magazine.  Graduates in FAMU’s pharmacy, public health, and nursing programs recently achieved 100 percent passage rates on their respective professional licensure examinations.  FAMU academic programs --- across the board--- are commonly linked to student success.

This year, the undergraduate program at the School of Business and Industry placed 45 summer interns on Wall Street.  The school has a goal of placing at least100 summer interns on Wall Street each year.

Students in the School of Business and Industry claimed their second consecutive national Black MBA case-study competition beating teams from the University of Tennessee, Duke, and the University of Texas.

FAMU student journalists, from the School of Journalism & Graphic
Communications, claimed 10 awards --- including three first place in radio and two first place in television.  Students from the FAMU School of Journalism & Graphic Communications have become a favorite of CNN, ESPN, and other news outlets.
Economic Development
FAMU has and continues to be an agent for economic development.  The FAMU   Small Business Development Center, located at Innovation Park, has worked with more than 13,000 clients and resulted in the creation of nearly 7,000 small businesses in the eight-county area surrounding Tallahassee resulting in the creation of 10,000 new jobs.  
For 2008, the Center helped clients acquire $2.1 million in capital, created or retained 208 jobs, and start 30 new businesses in industries ranging from road construction to convention related services.

FAMU’s research funding currently exceeds $54 million earning awards from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the National Science Foundation and the National Institutes of Health.

FAMU’s faculty is involved in cutting-edge research paving the way to advances in physical, chemical, biological and social sciences.  FAMU researchers are improving the quality of life for Floridians and all Americans.  One FAMU faculty member has entered into an exclusive license agreement with a biopharmaceutical company for his work in creating compounds to treat some of the effects of Parkinson’s disease.