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Faculty Senate

Faculty/Staff Directory  Faculty/Staff Directory
Phone  (850)599-3023
Fax  (850)599-3966

Faculty Senate
664 Gamble Street
664 Faculty Senate Bldg.
Tallahassee, Florida 32307

Faculty Senators

College of Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities
Dr. Joe Ann Houston
Dr. Kyle Eidahl
Dr. Courtnay Micots
Dr. Novell Tani
Dr. John Warford
Dr. Merlin Langley
Dr. Darius Young
Dr. Lillie Brown
Dr. Reginald Ellis
Dr. Longineu Parsons

College of Science and Technology
Dr. Komalavalli Thirunavukkuarasu
Dr. Michael Thornton
Dr. Lekan Latinwo
Dr. Desmond Stephens
Dr. Katie Brodhead

College of Education
Dr. Ezzeldin Aly
Dr. Hassiem Kambui
Dr. Lavetta Henderson
Dr. David White

College of Agriculture and Food Sciences
Dr. Muhammad Haseeb
Dr. Anthony Ananga
Dr. Satyanarayan Dev
Dr. Jenelle Robinson

College of Law
Professor Phyllis Taite
Professor Joseph Grant
Professor Ann Marie Cavazos

College of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences
Dr. Ebenezer Oriaku
Dr. Tiffany Ardley
Dr. Maurice Holder
Dr. John Cooperwood
Dr. Torrhonda Lee


FAMU/FSU College of Engineering
Dr. Yassir Abdelrazig
Dr. Mark Weatherspoon

School of Allied Health Sciences
Dr. Tracy Thomas
Dr. Lon'Tejuana Cooper

School of Architecture

School of Business & Industry
Dr. Clyde Ashley
Dr. Roscoe Hightower
Dr. Aretha Hill
Dr. Hudson Nwakanma

School of Journalism and Graphic Communication
Dr. Francine Huff
Dr. Bettye Grable

School of Nursing

Dr.David Guthrie

School of the Environment
Dr. Ashvini Chauhan
Dr. Michael Martinez-Colon

Mr. Brian Crowell
Ms. Karen Southwell

Ex-Officio (Voting)
Dr. Carl Goodman
Dr. Robert Taylor

Dr. David Jackson, Jr.
Mr. Bryan Smith

SGA (Voting)
Mr. Devin Harrison
Ms. Kenidee Webster