School of the Environment

Bridging the Energy and Water Gap (BE-WG)

Through a Million Balloons Points of Light

A Call for a FAMU-Wide Sustainable Task Force

To all Enrolled Students and Student Organizations,

The FAMU School of the Environment has formed a FAMU-Wide Sustainable Task Force, a student organization established from the re-organization of the entire environmental groups at FAMU to form a united front. The mission of the STF is to give FAMU students an increased voice in planning for conservation and environmental sustainability with a focus on projects that address energy, water quality, and sanitation.

At its first meeting, the students agreed to initiate a FAMU Bridging the Energy and Water Gap (BE-WG) Program. The primary objective of the BE-WG is in fund-raising and global awareness for the purpose of enhancing the STF horizon in bringing resources to solving real environmental issues that have global significance. The BE-WG program is designed to support energy and water projects in the state of Florida, promoting sustainability projects at FAMU, and changing the lives of rural communities by building sustainable energy and water projects in developing countries. The STF will work with other student organizations to expand these efforts.


This is a multi-dimensional effort with international focus and global reach, designed to support student projects that promote sustainability with specific focus on energy, water, and sanitation.  Our overarching goal is to provide a global experience for students that succeed in nourishing the development of a new generation of environmental sustainable conscious students that are prepared to demand a better quality of healthy living. 


Contact Info

1515 S Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd
FSH Science Research Center
Tallahassee, Florida 32307

P: (850) 599-3550
F: (850) 599-8183