School of the Environment

ESSO SEEDS Chapter Activities:

Seminar Coordination: Each year, two club members are selected to assist SOE faculty with the organization of the weekly seminar series. Club members engage in the selection of speakers, organization of campus visits and agenda, arranging "student only" sessions with speakers and publicizing seminars.

Tutorial Programs: Club members have developed an "adopt-an-undergraduate" program in which students were paired based upon interest and need for academic support in certain courses offered by the SOE or elsewhere on campus. More traditionally, club members hold group and individual tutorial sessions.

Participation in Professional Conferences: Club members are encouraged and supported by the SOE to attend a variety of meeting and conferences designed to promote their professional development. Meetings routinely attended by club members include the Environmental Careers Organization's Annual Meeting, the National Organization of Black Chemists and Chemical Engineers' Annual Meeting, the American Society of Limnology and Oceanography, ESA's Annual Meeting and the Greater
Everglades Ecosystem Restoration Science Conference, to name a few.
Social Interaction: Throughout the academic year, the ESSO hosts fun, interactive events such as potlucks and birthday celebrations to increase morale and encourage group participation.
Environmental Sciences Summer Camp: The Department of Energy and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) have sponsored this three-week camp for the last several years. The Camp accommodates thirty-five high schools students and four teachers from the Leon County School District. Participants are presented with a variety of lectures on topics such as ecology, marine science and environmental sustainability. These classroom activities are augmented by a series of laboratory experiments that are designed to provide hands-on experience.
Grade School Poster Competition: The Poster Competition has been held annually since the fall of 1999. The objective of the poster competition is to increase the level of environmental awareness among elementary school children in the third, fourth, and fifth grades.
Seminar Meet and Greet: The ESSO will continue the Seminar Series during the fall semester encouraging all students to attend. Receptions will be held after each weekly seminar.
Scientific Journal Article Review: Graduate students will present relevant scientific articles on subjects related to environmental science and environmental policy issues during Club Meetings which are held biweekly.
Green Outreach: The ESSO likes to remain visible within our community. The Green Outreach Program is designed for students to make presentations and encourage science at festivals, fairs, schools, and community activities throughout the year. SEEDS students will also work with science teachers at FAMU High School, local Girl Scout troops, the Environmental Science High School Brain Bowl Team and other students we mentor in the community between the ages of 8-18.
EARTH DAY: the ESSO hosts Earth Day activities on campus. The theme for Earth Day is "Living Earth Friendly". The club designed an eco-friendly room which exhibits the availability of "earth friendly" appliances, fixtures and household products for furnishing any home.

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