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Academic Affairs FAQs

1.      What is HyFlex modality?  
Hybrid Flexible (HyFlex) modality is a course design in which students meet in person on and attend remotely on specific days. Courses are delivered both in person and online at the same time by the same instructor. To adhere to social distancing requirements, a limited number of students may be in person and other students will attend classes remotely.

2.       Will faculty be surveyed about Canvas? Is there a chance to go back to Blackboard or ensure we have all the capabilities of Canvas? 
The University has adopted Canvas as its new Learning Management System (LMS). Materials and information are currently accessible via Blackboard, but Blackboard will not be used as the main LMS.

3.      I am concerned I will not be able to enroll in online courses due to the limited registration window.
Registration for Spring 2021 began on October 26, 2020 for all students. Appointments were not created for the Spring to allow each department time to complete the scheduling process. 

4.      Are we able to hire undergraduate and/or graduate students to work in the lab?
Graduate and undergraduate students are permitted to work in the labs if the principle investigator (PI) has an approved social distancing plan that addresses working with students.

5.       Who will introduce or explain HyFlex modality to the students, and will the definition be posted on the FAMU webpage, and communicated via FAMUINFO and Istrike?
Faculty may consult the work of Brian Beatty, Ph.D., for more information about this teaching modality. The Division of Academic Affairs will host discussions and workshops focused the HyFlex modality and incorporate tactics to assist faculty with appropriate adoption and application. 

Are there other alternatives for students whose parents do wish they return to campus?
A combination of remote/online and in-person classes will be offered. 
How are you going to accomplish and enforce social distancing of at least six feet in the classroom?
Seating in the classroom spaces is limited, in accordance with CDC social distancing guidelines. Students will continue to be instructed to remain at least six feet apart through visual aids and vocal reminders from instructors. Student who do not comply will be subject to disciplinary action as governed by the Student Code of Conduct.

8.      Will online classes be offered to students who reside outside of Tallahassee?
Yes, students will have the option of enrolling in remote/online courses for the spring.

9.       Will students with medical issues be required to return to FAMU in the Spring?
In most cases, students will be able to enroll in remote/online courses for the spring and will thus not be required to be on campus to receive instruction.

10.   Is returning to campus in the Spring mandatory?
In most cases, students will be able to enroll in remote/online courses for the spring and will thus not be required to be on campus to receive instruction.

11.   Will masks be required for students who return in the Spring?
Yes, masks are required while on campus.

12.   Will a COVID1-19 test be mandator for all students?
COVID-19 testing is not mandatory for students, but it is highly encouraged.

13.   How may faculty directly participate in finding solutions to instruction issues stemming from the pandemic?

Please contact Genyne Boston, Ph.D., at for information.

14.   Given there will be more face-to-face classes in spring 2021, will all employees be returning to campus?
Each campus unit will assess staffing needs needed as we transition to the Spring semester.

15.   What is the status of the University’s efforts to upgrade the air circulation systems? Is there a list of buildings with updated air circulation systems?
UVC lighting systems are being installed in all buildings that use multi-zoned air circulation systems. We anticipate this to be completed by mid-November.  POM has provided a list of buildings receiving these upgrades and you may contact the POM office for additional information. 

16.   How can I become involved in the conversations to plan for acquiring the ability to broadcast synchronously with good audio quality?
Please contact Genyne Boston, Ph.D. at to express your interest in providing assistance.

28.   Are students continuing classes after Thanksgiving?
Yes, classes will continue after Thanksgiving as detailed in our Fall calendar. The mode of instruction will be remote for all classes after Thanksgiving.

29.   Is EOP the office to contact for faculty and staff with underlying health conditions who need to limit their presence on campus in the spring?        
Yes. Please contact the Office of Equal Opportunity Programs at 850-599-3076 or contact our ADA Coordinator Sylvia Barge at

30.   Is completing two forms each semester required if you have a permanent health condition? If so, is doctor's note also required?
Please contact the Office of Equal Opportunity Programs at 850-599-3076 or contact our ADA Coordinator Sylvia Barge at

31.   The HR accommodations form requests information regarding the health issues of family residing in our households. Is providing this paperwork required? Is this a HIPAA violation?
Please contact Joyce Ingram at or Carrie Gavin at directly for information regarding these issues.

32.   Will faculty be penalized for requesting reasonable accommodation for the COVID-19 high risk status even if physician documentation is provided?
No. Any concerns about this may be directed to the Equal Opportunity Programs (EOP) office or to Genyne Boston, Ph.D., at

33.   Is conference related travel allowed for Spring 2021?
All University-sponsored travel continues to be restricted to “essential travel only” until further notice, unless approved by the divisional vice president or President Robinson, Ph.D. 

34.   May faculty attend conferences virtually??
Yes, pending approval by chars, directors and/or deans and the availability of funding.

35.   What days are recognized for Thanksgiving break?
FAMU will be closed from Wednesday, November 25 to Friday, November 27 for Thanksgiving.

36.   Is this campus only open to FAMU students at this time?
We have implemented a campus restriction for visitors. Faculty, staff and approved vendors are allowed on campus provided they follow our safety measures and instructions.

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