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Environmental Health and Safety

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Environmental Health and Safety
2400 Wahnish Way
Plant Operations Building A, Suite 100
Tallahassee, Florida 32307

Florida Statute 403.714 (Duties of State Agencies) reads that each state agency, the judicial branch of state government and the state university shall: (a) establish a program in cooperation with the Department of Management Services for the collection of all recyclable materials generated in state offices and institutions throughout the state, including, at a minimum, aluminum, high-grade office paper, and corrugated cardboard. The purpose of the “Greening Florida Government” program is to get the word out on the importance of recycling and what better group to start with than state employees. The Greening Florida Government program is an effort put forth by the Department of Environmental Protection to encourage our co-workers to reduce, reuse, and recycle, thus saving the state money. We are also encouraging Green Procurement - the act of purchasing products made of recycled content. Practicing green procurement demonstrates an organizations commitment to considering and minimizing the environmental consequences of its activities. Green procurement can also offer savings, in particular, buying “green” usually involves products that are easily recycled, last longer and produce less waste. Money is therefore saved on waste disposal.

Recycling benefits the environment by conserving natural resources, saving energy, reducing pollution and saving landfill space.
Recycling activities also provide employment in the FAMU and Tallahassee community.
By promoting recycling and the need to reuse, recycle and buy recycled products we hope to significantly reduce the amount of waste going to landfill sites. With effective implementation and administrative support we can not only prove to be environmentally responsible while saving money, but we can also generate revenue from the sale of recyclable materials to willing partners in the local Tallahassee area.

The mission of the FAMU Environmental Health & Safety Department’s RECYCLING PROGRAM is to foster the cost effective, responsible, environmental stewardship required to support the solid waste management needs of the FAMU Community.