Environmental Health and Safety

Laboratory Safety

The primary objectives of the FAMU Environmental Health and Safety Laboratory Safety Program are to promote safe work practices in laboratories and facilitate compliance with State and Federal Regulations regarding Laboratory Safety. This process is facilitated by regular laboratory inspections and training on Hazardous Waste Awareness and Laboratory Safety that all laboratory personnel are required to attend.

Proper  use  of  fume  hoods, use of appropriate  personal  protective  equipment,  proper  storage  of  chemicals,  and timely  disposal  of  hazardous substances,  are  all  essential  elements  of an effective laboratory safety program that can significantly reduce the likelihood of accidents and  injuries  in  science  laboratories.  All lab personnel should read and understand the FAMU Laboratory Safety Manual and Chemical Hygiene Plan. 

Other Resources:

Department of Labor | Occupational Safety & Health Administration

Environmental Protection Agency


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