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College of Education
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Benefits to Members

Why a membership in PDK? Review the benefits; you’ll be convinced of the value of this global organization of quality educators.

Because we are your quality source for research. Meeting your need for the latest in research, theory, and practice, PDK brings you the Phi Delta Kappan (in audio or electronic version), the most referenced educational journal.

Because we provide connection. You can share experiences with other educators through local chapter networks (optional); regionally and globally, we provide forums for gathering national leaders at the annual summit and through professional development opportunities.

Because security in all areas is key to success. There is peace of mind in taking care of the basics; we can help with that. You can benefit from group rates on professional liability, health, life, and auto insurance plans.

Because our website hosts a comprehensive searchable archives database available 24 hours a day. With a PDK membership, you have access to a broad publication archive AND 39 years of results from the Annual PDK/Gallup Polls of the Public’s Attitudes Toward the Public Schools. Why pay a fee to download one article at a time?

Because everyone wants to save money. Our scholarships and fellowships could be an economic benefit you’ve not considered, and don’t forget the considerable discounts on publications, professional development registration costs, and even international travel.

Because professional enhancement is essential to your career. We want to help highlight your excellence in education. PDK service awards and opportunities for volunteer leadership will enhance your record of good works and accomplishments.

Because educators need practical resources. PDK’s quick-read e-bulletins offer classroom tips, summaries for informed administrators, and the latest information for the education practitioner—most are available for redistribution without copyright infringement. Take them, use them, love them.