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College of Education
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To: All Students, Faculty, Staff and the University Community

As we start the Fall Semester 2013, please acquaint or re-acquaint yourselves with the entire contents of the 2012-2014 Student Handbook (the FANG).

Some important revisions and/or sections to pay attention to are:
  1. University Housing (i.e., On Campus Residency Requirement), page 25.
  2. Parking Services information, page 36-37.
  3. Student Clubs and Organizations (e.g., eligibility & registration requirements, appointment and removal of advisors and their responsibilities, required training workshops, imposition of inactive status or suspension of organizations, music ensembles not considered clubs & organizations, supremacy of University rules and regulations, Clubs & Organization Review Board, etc.. pages 43-58.
  4. Student Rights, Responsibilities and Code of Conduct
      • Anti-Hazing Regulation 2.028, pages 61-62.
      • On-Line Reporting of Alleged Incidents of Hazing, page 63.
      • On-Line Anti-Hazing Agreement, page 63.
      • Due Process, Other Rights and Responsibilities Regulation 2.013, pages 63-66.
      • Non-Discrimination Policy Statement, pages 66-67.
      • Student Code of Conduct Regulation 2.012, pages 67-90.
      • Alcoholic Beverages Regulation 3.021, pages 90-91.
  5. Drug Free Workplace Policy (no revisions), page 92.
  6. The Millennial FAMUan: Dress Standards, pages 93-94.
  7. Policy on Observance of Religious Holy Days by Students (no revisions), pages 95-96.
Again, please take the time to read the entire Student Handbook. It contains valuable information on numerous topics. Please refer to the handbook's Table of Contents in order to easily locate information on the listed topics.

To view the handbook, please click this link:


Updated Student Handbook

You may also go to the FAMU main webpage and click on the STUDENTS link, and under Current Students or Prospective Students, click on student handbook.

Please fulfill your responsibility to know and/or observe all policies, procedures and information as noted in the student handbook.

For additional information, please contact the Office of Student Life/Dean of Students at (850) 599-3098.