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Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction

The Master’s degree program in Curriculum and Instruction (C&I) addresses the need for more highly trained teachers with a focus on proficiency in instruction, learning and assessment and/or minority and urban education. The curriculum is designed to provide educators with hybrid (blended) courses that are structured to ensure that future candidates will study the philosophical and theoretical foundations of curriculum development while gaining an understanding of instructional strategies that best address the needs of a diverse student population.

Those educators who pursue administrative roles will be provided with rich experiences through research and inquiry in an examination of diverse approaches to program evaluation and improvement. The program allows individuals to enhance their current skill sets as related to instructional and assessment strategies, application of theoretical foundations of curriculum development, research and inquiry as foundations for data-driven decisions about curriculum and instruction, technology, and core principles of program evaluation and instruction.

The program is uniquely designed to meet the needs of individuals with a variety of career goals that range from those who wish to serve as curriculum generalists or specialists, district curriculum coordinators, school administrators, and classroom teachers to those interested in serving as non-school based curriculum designers or curriculum evaluators. Public school districts, private institutions and corporate learning providers are increasingly turning to curriculum specialists to ensure that their programs satisfy institutional, governmental and industry requirements. Educators who work in K-12, higher education and adult learning environments can meet the demand by earning a graduate degree in Curriculum and Instruction. Any professional interested in the practical aspects of curriculum planning and supervision will find this program to be of great benefit.

The 30-credit- hour- program will employ a cohort model and may be completed in four semesters as a full-time student and six semesters as a part-time student. Candidates seeking admission into the C&I program must meet the School of Graduate Studies and Research admission requirements.

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