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College of Science and Technology

Faculty/Staff Directory  Faculty/Staff Directory
Phone  (850) 412-5978
Fax  (850) 412-7303

College of Science and Technology
1610 S. Martin Luther King Blvd.
University Commons, Room 105
Tallahassee, FL 32307

Office Location: Jones Hall 111
Phone: 850.599.3470
Fax: 850.599.3577

Mario Encinosa, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Phone: (850) 599-8461/599-3470
Email: mario.encinosa@famu.edu
Office: 110  & 111 Jones Hall


Sonja Richardson, M.S.
Office Manager
Phone: (850) 599-3470/599-3642
Email: sonja.richardson@famu.edu
Office: 111 Jones Hall


Richard Appartaim, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Phone: (850) 599-3809
Email: richard.appartaim@famu.edu
Office: 301-D Frederick Humphries Science Research Bldg


Kalayu Belay, Ph.D.

Phone: (850) 599-8483
Email: kalayu.belay@famu.edu
Office: 308-A Frederick Humphries Science Research Bldg

Mr. Russell Brown

Phone: (850) 599-8453
Email: russell.brown@famu.edu
Office: 101 Jones Hall


Mark Jack, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Phone: (850) 599-8457
Email: mark.jack@famu.edu
Office: 301-C Frederick Humphries Science Research Bldg

Lewis Johnson, Ph.D.
Assistant Dean

Phone: (850) 412-5979
Email: lewis.johnson@famu.edu
Office: 105 Univ. Com


Robin Kennedy, Ph.D.
Phone: (850) 599-8458
Email: drrobinjkennedy@netscape.net
Office: 209-C Jones Hall

Ephrem Mezonlin, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

Phone: (850) 412-5678
Email: ephrem.mezonlin@famu.edu
Office: 157 Centennial Bldg


Mogus Mochena, Ph.D.

Phone: (850) 599-3783
Email: mogus.mochena@famu.edu
Office: 301-E Frederick Humphries Science Research Bldg

Ray O’Neal Jr., Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Phone: (850) 599-3807
Email: ray.oneal@gmail.com
Office: 301-A Frederick Humphries Science Research Bldg


Bidhan C. Saha, Ph.D.

Phone: (850) 599-3768
Email: bidhan.saha@famu.edu
Office: 301-B Frederick Humphries Science Research Bldg

Carol Scarlett, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

Phone: (850) 599-8455
Email: carol.scarlett@famu.edu
Office: 114 Jones Hall


Patricia Stampe, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Phone: (850) 599-8463
Email: patricia.stampe@famu.edu
Office: 119 Jones Hall

James Strohaber, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Phone: (850) 599-3889
Email: james.strohaber@famu.edu
Office: 132 Centennial Bldg


Charles Weatherford, Ph.D.
Associate V.P. for Research

Phone: (850) 412-5102/599-3767
Email: charles.weatherford@famu.edu
Office: 410 Foote-Hilyer

Ronald Williams, Ph.D.
Phone: (850) 599-3557
Email: ronald.williams@famu.edu
Office: 301-F Frederick Humphries Science Research Bldg


Roy Tucker
Adjunct Professor
Phone: (850) 599-8455
Email: roy.tucker@famu.edu
Office: 114 Jones Hall


Komalavalli Thirunavukkuarasu, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Phone: (850) 599-8454
Email: komalavalli.thirunavukkur@famu.edu
Office: 106 Jones Hall