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College of Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities

Faculty/Staff Directory  Faculty/Staff Directory
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College of Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities
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Tallahassee, Florida 32307
- B - 

Book Order Form -  No textbook adoptions are accepted unless they are submitted on the Course Book Information Request Form. Each form must be approved by the department chair. Faculty members must provide a justification for ordering the newest edition of any textbook.   Book orders are due to the bookstore as follows:
  • On or before October 1 for Spring semester
  • On or before March 1 for Summer sessions
  • On or before April 1 for Fall semester 
- E - 

The Event Calendar should be completed by all faculty organizing and/or hosting an event. The Calendar is designed to inform your academic unit including the CSSAH of your planned programs and activities. Once the form is signed and submitted to your department chair, it will be forwarded to t eh Office of the Dean. The form is not to be used in lieu of the various facilities request and event planning documents required by Student Activities, Office of Communications, Physical Plant, and/or other departments  on campus. The form is to be used to "help" inform others of your activities and to make you aware of any potential conflicts. Thanks for your assistance and cooperation. 
- I -

Incomplete Grade Report Form - Due to extenuating circumstances beyond the control of the student, a grade of "I" may only be assigned if the student is passing the course, but has not completed all of the required work by the end of the term. Grades of "I" may not be assigned in any course in which a student withdraws, has excessive absences, or fails to attend. Click here to access the form and submit to Chairperson.   

- L - 

The Leave Request for is to be completed by all faculty (9, 10, or 12 months) administrative and Professional, and executive service personnel within the CSSAH.  The form should be completed for the following types of leave requests: annual, sick, jury duty, military duty, and leave without pay (LWOP). One the form is completed it should be submitted to your department supervisor for approval. Click here to access and submit the Leave Request form.
- P -

Proposal Review Transmittal Checklist, click here and the Proposal Review Transmittal Form, click here.  Both forms are to be submitted to the Office of the Dean for her signature. The signature of the department chair  and the dean are required on the prior to submitting  a grant proposal to Office of Sponsored Programs.

- T -

Complimentary Travel Form - This form is to be used by all employees and authorized persons requesting approval of travel that is being paid in its entirety by  an outside funding source. This form must be signed by the traveler, the  department approver, usually the chair or PI, and the department budget approver (Office of the Dean). If the traveler is seeking reimbursement from the University, including a grant, it does not constitute complimentary travel. The Complimentary Travel form should be accompanied with a Request for Leave of Absence (RELA). The REL should indicate a request for $0 dollars, otherwise the travel is not complimentary.