College of Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities

The College of Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities (CSSAH)
 is a multidisciplinary College connecting students to the world with an array of learning opportunities including research, internships, co-op, service learning, online instruction, and experiential scholarship. Students examine enduring and systemic questions about human nature and social behavior. They study the organization and functions government, the interrelations of global societies and political systems. Our students are challenged to examine critically how the world is shaped by diverse values, histories and cultures.
The integrated and rigorous curriculum of the departments comprising the College opens the world to students. It provides them with an expansive understanding of the arts, anthropology, American History, the African American experience, criminal justice, geography, humanities, law, modern language, music, philosophy, psychology, religion, sociology, social work, and theatre. CSSAH is the largest college in the University and is home to a prolific faculty and a diverse student-body.
In recent semesters students have studied abroad in China, South Africa, and various countries in Latin America. They have presented their research at national academic conferences in history, English/American Literature and psychology.    Students have interned at a variety of educational, social service, and political organizations and agencies. Students have performed on stage and honed their talents to the acclaim of critics and local audiences.  Promising musicians and artists have showcased their skills through varied media, compositions and recitals. Their artistic and professional portfolios are based on years of hard work and critical assessment and evaluation.
The academic experience of the CSSAH is state-of-art and inventive. The College makes maximum use of technology and a variety of teaching pedagogies. Upon graduation, students are prepared to pursue professional careers and/or continue their education at the graduate level in professional studies.   Through the CSSAH coursework comes alive as the educational experience for students within the College emphasizes theory, application, professionalism, and education for the greater good.

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