Division of Student Affairs FAQ

In an effort to keep students, parents, faculty and staff informed as Florida A&M University responds to the threat of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), the Division of Student Affairs has listed frequently asked questions regarding: Case Management, Efferson Student Center, Financial Aid, Veteran Affairs, the Counseling Center, the Victim Advocacy, CeDAR,  and other offices.

Case Management

1. How can I meet with a staff member to apply for a Homeless/Foster Care waiver under the Dorothy Henderson’s Scholar Program?
The process can start with contacting the Case Manager and Program Coordinator, for Student Affairs, Ms. Kimberly Ceaser by email ( or phone (850) 599-8513.

2. How can I get assistance with applying for benefits such as Medicaid and Food Stamps? 
The Case Manager, can connect you with the appropriate resources on and off campus, serving as the liaison to community resources.

3. There has been a complaint filed against me with the Title IX office, who can provide assistance with support so that I can understand my rights as a student? 
The Case Manager can provide guidance to the respondent party on the administrative processes such as Student Conduct, Title IX investigations and Involuntary Withdrawals.

4. I have been experiencing some challenges with having enough food from day to day and also the anxiety from classes has me overwhelmed, who can help me? 
The Case Manager address the needs of students who are having difficulties in areas that may include academics, psychological, economic (including homelessness and food insecurity), administrative procedures, family relationships and social adjustment.

5. Who can provide assistance with budgeting on a monthly basis? 
Financial Literacy is here to assist you with your day to day expenses. As the Case Manager, I can refer you to a counselor in that department to help you get familiar with spending and saving.

Veteran Affairs

Will the current situation with COVID-19 impact the processing of my GI Bill benefits?
Because all processing of documentation submitted is done electronically, there is not an expected delay in the processing of any GI Bill Benefits.

Will I still be able to submit documentation relevant to my GI Bill benefits while students are restricted from being on campus?
Yes. All documentation can be submitted through  iStrike. Here are the steps:

go to
Sign in with your iRattler information
Search Department of Military and Veteran Affairs  
Click New Student Submission Form and complete the form
Then you upload the information we ask for and FAMU will take it from  there

Am I allowed to utilized the Veteran Center computer lab or come into the center for assistance during the two weeks or more that classes will be online?
No, all students are encouraged to communicate remotely with staff

Who can I contact if I am having an issue or concern with my GI Bill benefits?
Students with concerns can call the FAMU Veteran Center at (850)412-5843 or email us at They call also call the GI Bill hotline at 1-888-442-4551.

How will my benefits be impacted if I contract the virus and have to be out of school beyond the two weeks following Spring Break?
If the illness significantly impacts your ability to complete your course(s), then we recommend that you submit a medical withdrawal for the semester. Once you have an official withdrawal date, we will send that information to the VA so that any benefit you are still receiving for the semester is halted.

 Victim Advocate and LGBTQ

  1. Do I have to file a report with the police or university to receive advocacy services?
    No. All services offered are free and confidential. The advocate will discuss reporting options and other resources with you, but your identifying information will not be released without your written permission.

  2. Where is the advocate’s office?
    C.C. Cunningham Building, Room 302. The street address is 1676 S Martin Luther King Jr Blvd. Please note this space may not be available in the event of campus closure.

  3. How can I contact the advocate?
    You may call Hannah Cronic at 850-412-5667. Email ( is also an option, but please know that there are limits to confidentiality due to public records laws.

  4. What services can the advocate provide?
    Services include but are not limited to crisis intervention, safety planning, explaining reporting options, explaining university and legal processes, letters of support for academic assistance and work documentation, assistance in filing for injunctions and victim’s compensation, accompaniment through legal and university procedures, and referrals for counseling, medical services, and legal assistance.

  5. What counts as a victimization?
    The advocate works with a wide range of victims and survivors. Some examples include abusive and unhealthy relationships, sexual violence, stalking, harassment, hate crimes, adult survivors of child abuse, and those who have lost a loved one to homicide. Both primary (those who directly experienced a victimization) and secondary (those who are supporting someone who experienced a victimization) are eligible for services.

  6. How do I obtain a rape kit/SANE Exam?
    You may call Refuge House’s 24-hour hotline at 850-681-2111 within 120 hours (5 days) of a sexual assault to access a SANE nurse. FAMU’s advocate is available to answer additional questions and to accompany you through the process if you so choose.

  7. I was victimized by someone who does not go to or work at FAMU. Can I still receive services?
    Yes. In addition, the advocate will work with community partners to help you file appropriate reports if that is something you want.

  8. I was victimized outside of Tallahassee. Can I still receive services?
    Yes. Please contact the advocate if you need referrals to resources outside of Tallahassee or would like to report to the appropriate police department.

  9. Where is the LGBTQ Resource Center?
    C.C. Cunningham Building, Suite 206. The street address is 1676 S Martin Luther King Blvd. Please note this space may not be available in the event of campus closure.

Counseling Center

  1. What if I need to speak with a counselor and the university is closed?
    If you need to speak with a counselor under these circumstances, call our after-hours counseling number at (833) 848-1765.
  1. What if I need to speak to a counselor in person and the university is closed?

If you need to speak with a counselor in person under these circumstances, contact one of the following:

CarePoint Health and Wellness
2200 S. Monroe Street
Tallahassee, FL  32301
(850) 354-8765

Neighborhood Medical Center
438 W. Brevard Street
Tallahassee, FL 32301
(850) 224-2469
2295 Pasco Street
Tallahassee, FL 32304
(850) 224-2409

 Behavioral Health
1965 Capital Circle, NE, Suite 102
Tallahassee, FL  32308
(850) 671-4600

Dr. Nancy Wonder
Licensed Psychologist
1020 E. Lafayette Street, Suite 212
Tallahassee, FL
(850) 222-7112

Please be aware there may be a charge for counseling services. If you have insurance, contact your company for information about providers in your area.

  1. What if I had a scheduled appointment during the time the university is closed. Will I be able to reschedule it?
    Yes, if you have a scheduled appointment under these circumstances, you will be contacted when the university reopens to reschedule your appointment.

Center for Disability Access and Resources- CeDAR

Will I still be able to receive my accommodations while my classes are on-line?
You will be able to receive your accommodations such as extra time on tests/quizzes much like you do now.

Will I be able to be certified eligible as a CeDAR participant?

Yes, you can submit your documentation via email along with your new student intake form which can be found on our website under forms. You can email both the new student intake form and your documentation to Once processed (5-7 business days) you will receive a letter certifying you eligible as a CeDAR participant via email. You may then proceed to request accommodations.

How will I submit my accommodation request forms while not on campus?

Accommodation request forms are on our website under Forms. You can download the forms, complete them and send them via email to Once processed (5-7 business days), you will receive letters of accommodations for each of your professors that you requested for via email. You must mail the letters to your professors in order to receive the accommodations.

What should I do if I am not receiving my accommodations from a professor?

You should email the professor to remind them that you have provided them with a letter of accommodations and what your accommodations are. If you still don’t receive your accommodations then email in detail your concerns and your communications with your professor to so that your concern can be addressed.

What should I do if I have questions about participating in the summer College Study Skills Institute?

Any questions about the summer College Study Skills Institute should be addressed to

How do I submit my application for the Johnson Scholarship now?
You can either scan or take a picture of the application along with any supporting documents and email it to

Educational Resource Center for Child Development
Is the FAMU Educational Resource Center for Child Development (ERCCD) open after Spring Break?
Yes, we will be open but we may reduce our operation hours or have limited staff available. Details will be provided via email to enrolled families as changes are made.

What is ERCCD’s cleaning protocol?

  • Staff will use disposable gloves when handling bodily fluids (soiled clothing, blood, etc.), cleaning materials and food.
  • Staff will wash their hands vigorously with soap and water between the care of children and after cleaning. Staff will also ask all visitor to wash their hands during visits and drop off; both child and adult.
  • Staff will use hand sanitizer as an extra tool, not in replace of handwashing.
  • Each day, using a spray bottle of fresh bleach water solution (1 cup (240 mL) of bleach in 1 gallon of water.), hard surfaces, porous materials and shared items are cleaned between uses. Mouthed, non-porous toys are immediately removed from play. When appropriate, they are briefly submerged in the solution, rinsed and dried. Fabrics and cloths are washed weekly, or upon contact with bodily fluids, using a hypoallergenic, non-fragrant detergent.
  • Staff will disinfect wipe door handles, faucets and toilets with additional cleaning products.
  • Disposable changing pads are to be used on the changing table and on potty seats (cleaning after each use).

Staff is aware that any symptom which impacts group supervision must be addressed with the family and communicated in the communication notebook for each class. Follow up will occur when a child’s symptom worsens, persists for more than 1 day or meets the illness exclusion policy.
What is the exclusion policy?
 As we have notice symptoms of illness or decreased alertness, we are contacting families to share our findings related to the children’s temperature or changes in mood and appetite. A clearance from a doctor may still warrant the child to be absent if not presenting wellness symptoms.The frequency of low grade fevers, on-going runny nose, consistent coughing or sneezing and need for one on one care should be used to determine wellness. We understand that absence from your responsibilities is challenging but we can all agree that the safety and health of our children is a priority. Children must be picked up immediately

What if my child was/is already out of care?
If your child has been absent due to any illness, please bring a doctor’s clearance upon your child’s return. We want to thank you for your prompt attention and transparent communication from your child’s physicians. If your child has been absent due to illness, please note that we may ask them to remain at home if we have reduced our operation hours or have limited staff available. Tuition is charged monthly without proration for emergency closures or absence. Exceptions are made for hospitalization of 5 days or more. 

Will childcare tuition be waived for absences?
Monthly tuition rates will be adjusted only if the center closes for more than one week, within a month period. If there is an indefinite closure period, families will be relieved of their contracts, and no future charges will apply, however any previous balance remaining should be paid. Late payment fees will apply.

What are you advising parents to do?
Remember that young children cannot always portray how much a cold or virus may be impacting them. If we notice symptoms of illness or decreased alertness, we are contacting families to share our findings related to the children’s temperature or changes in mood and appetite. Please, regularly, wash your hands when arriving and while in the center, in addition to the child’s.

If you or your child experience symptoms such as a fever, sore throat, nasal congestion, runny nose, mild cough, please keep them at home and monitor them closely. Please monitor coughs and runny noses as a precaution to the others in care and communicate with your child’s teacher about any symptoms of illness. When these symptoms are present, keep in mind that young children in child care are not always able to adequately cover when they cough or sneeze and will share germs quickly in a classroom where items are desired for teething and shared for play. Click this link to learn a new song that is great for little children to help keep it safe when they have a cough or sneeze, . Tissues are helpful however, a good handwashing routine also prevents the spread of germs so make sure you wash you and your child’s hands when entering and exiting the facility. Be sure to disinfect any re-usable items that are brought to school such as pacifiers, cups or teethers.

What if the staff members are ill?
Staff members are discouraged from reporting to work with any symptoms which impact supervision and quality care. We may have reduced operating hours to accommodate staff shortage. Multi-age groups will be used to provide care.
VPK and School Readiness families may receive additional information on attendance if the center changes its operating hours. Staff members are also aware that while we may exclude them from work in the center, we may allow them to work remotely on special projects.

Efferson Student Union Activities Orientation Campus Visits Frequently Asked Questions
Since campus tours/visits have been canceled, can we still do a self-guided tour of campus?
Unfortunately, we are trying to keep non-essential persons off campus. However, we do offer a virtual tour of campus which is  available via our website

Will I be able to still attend orientation this summer?

The decision regarding the status of freshman and transfer student orientations session will be made by April 30th.
If campus should not reopen for the remainder of the semester and I live in the residence halls, when will I be able to retrieve my personal belongings?
Please contact University Housing at 850-599-3651.

My club/organization/fraternity/sorority has existing/ future events, how should we proceed?

Per the Governor’s instructions, large gatherings should not be held. With this in mind, all clubs/organizations/fraternities/sororities should proceed by cancelling ALL events from March 23th to April 3rd.

Will we receive refunds for our plots/tables booked for Set Friday?

Yes, please go to Eventbrite and request a refund at

Will the Efferson Student Union and Activities (ESUA) be open during the break?

Yes, the ESUA will observe normal business hours from 8am to 5pm.

Will there be any offices/departments that will not be open in the two weeks following Spring Break?

No, all University offices/departments will remain open.

If our events are canceled, when should we reschedule them?
We advise that all cancelled events are rescheduled for Fall 2020, please reschedule through iStrike.

Will I be able to do volunteer hours?
Yes, if you are currently enrolled at the University this semester. Proper documentation must be submitted through the iStrike portal.

Can Fraternity and Sorority Life (FSL) host parties?

The ESUA does not oversee off campus events. Nonetheless, we advise all FSL organizations to follow the Center for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines.

Can FSL organizations still initiate new members?

Yes, the ESUA strongly suggests that meetings be held on Zoom (via video chat). However, please refer to your Regional and National offices prior to proceeding.

Are FSL weeks still being conducted?


Will Galimore Lanes (bowling alley) be open to outside entities?

Galimore Lanes (the bowling alley) will only be open during the week from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. to students who live on campus. The general public will not have access.

Is early voting still available?

The Leon County Supervisor of Elections will still conduct early voting in Multipurpose Room D of the H. Manning Efferson Student Union.

Hansel Tookes Recreation Center
What are the hours of the Hansel Tookes Recreation Center? The hours of operation for the Hansel Tookes Recreation Center 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.,  March 16 – April 6, 2020.

Is the Hansel Tookes Recreation Center open to the public?
No, the Hansel Tookes Recreation Center is open to students, faculty, and staff until further notice.

Financial Aid Frequently Asked Questions

How can I view my awards?
Log into your iRattler account> Campus Solutions > Financial Aid>View My Financial Aid. The 2020 aid year will allow you to see awards for the current school year while 2021 will allow you to see award status for the upcoming school year set to begin Fall 2020.
Why hasn’t my financial aid for Spring disbursed?
Please review your iRattler account for any holds or documents requiring submission that are preventing the Office of Financial Aid from authorizing funds.  We will continue to authorize awards to Student Accounts Tuesday through Thursday weekly. As a reminder, loans require a minimum of 6 credit hours of enrollment.

When will the loan I requested for Spring be posted?
Loan request forms will be reviewed and the award posted within 3 to 5 business days based on eligibility.

Can I work (federal work study) during the period of March 23 – April 4?
Yes, it is recommended that departments have students work remotely.

Why can’t I accept the PLUS loan on my account?
PLUS loans require a credit approval with the Department of Education.  Please visit to apply. For the parent PLUS loan, the parent must apply.  For the Graduate PLUS loan graduate/professional students can apply. The Office of Financial Aid will be notified of the credit approval or denial within 48 hours of application. Approved PLUS loans will be processed within 3 to 5 business days.

How long will it take for my paperwork to be processed?
Please allow 5 to 7 business days for processing.

Is there a summer application?
No, all students must have a valid 2019-20 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) on file to be considered for summer aid and enrolled for a minimum of 6 credit hours. Summer awards are based on enrollment and remaining grant or loan eligibility.  Awards will not be posted until the latter part of April. Students must be meeting Satisfactory Academic Progress for the receipt of federal student aid.

How can I submit documents to the office?
We strongly encourage submission of documents via email to or by fax (850) 561-2730.

For additional financial aid questions, please visit or contact the office at 850-599-3730.

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