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Office of the Controller

Faculty/Staff Directory  Faculty/Staff Directory
Phone  (850)561-2978
Fax  (850)561-2461

Office of the Controller
1700 Lee Hall Dr.
201 Foote-Hilyer (FHAC)
Tallahassee, Florida 32307
William H. Featherstone    
Assistant Vice President & Controller 850-561-2978 william.featherstone@famu.edu
Tyrika Showers    
Administrative Assistant 850-412-5073 tyrika.showers@famu.edu
Monica Hobbie    
Office Manager 850-561-2889 monica.hobbie@famu.edu
Sharon Brooks    
Office Assistant 850-561-2960 sharon.brooks@famu.edu
  Asset Management  
Laverne Washington    
Assistant Controller 850-599-3678 laverne.washington@famu.edu
Dennard Bassa    
Property Manager 850-599-8060 dennard.bassa@famu.edu
Nikesha Thomas    
Program Assistant 850-599-3678 nikesha.black@famu.edu
  Disbursements, Warrant Distribution, Imaging & Travel  
Mattie Hood    
Assistant Controller 850-412-5353 mattie.hood@famu.edu
W. Isaac Robinson    
Computer Support Specialist 850-412-5627 william.robinson@famu.edu
  Accounts Payable  
Leon Easom    
Accounts Payable Supervisor 850-412-5054 leon.easom@famu.edu
Michael Stevenson    
Accountant 850-561-2942 michael.stevenson@famu.edu
Janie Lightburn    
Program Assistant 850-412-5062 janie.lightburn@famu.edu
Brittnei Robinson    
Program Assistant 850-561-2272 brittnei.robinson@famu.edu
Jamela Browne    
Program Assistant 850-561-2944 jamela.browne@famu.edu
Paula Graham    
Travel Supervisor 850-561-2941 paula.graham@famu.edu
Andrea Wilson    
Accountant 850-561-2948 andrea.wilson@famu.edu
Jenifer Frye    
Accountant 850-561-2947 jenifer.frye@famu.edu
Chrystal Truesdell    
Program Assistant 850-412-5071 chrystal.truesdell@famu.edu
Shavonne Chappell    
Program Assistant 850-561-2987 shavonne.chappell@famu.edu
  Warrant Distribution  
Ericka Johnson    
Accountant 850-412-5061 ericka.johnson@famu.edu
Lefran Lloyd    
Program Assistant 850-412-5050 lefran.lloyd@famu.edu
  Document Imaging  
Ronald Fowler    
Program Assistant 850-412-5052 ronald.fowler@famu.edu
Christalyn Davis    
Program Assistant 850-412-5060 christalyn.davis@famu.edu
  General Accounting and Financial Reporting  
Tiffany Holmes    
Assistant Controller 850-561-2888 tiffany.holmes@famu.edu
Jahan Momen    
Coordinator 850-412-5057 jahan.momen@famu.edu
Ruby Brown    
Accountant 850-412-5056 ruby.brown@famu.edu
  Reconcillation and Quality Assurance  
Annarene Wineglass    
Associate Controller 850-412-5068 annarene.wineglass@famu.edu
Deborah Jackson    
Budget/Management Analyst 850-561-2890 deborah.jackson@famu.edu
Dawn Patrick    
Coordinator 850-412-5063 dawn.patrick@famu.edu
  Student Financial Service  
D'Andrea Cotton    
Associate Controller 850-412-5036 dandrea.cotton@famu.edu
Nette Thompson    
Office Manager 850-561-2950 nette.thompson@famu.edu
  Cash Management  
Natasha Ray    
Assistant Controller 850-412-5039 natasha.ray@famu.edu
Gwendolyn Staten    
Coordinator, Cash 850-412-5031 gwendolyn.staten@famu.edu
  Cashier's Office  
Petra McCray    
Cashier Supervisor 850-412-5043 petra.mccray@famu.edu
Nekisha Burgess    
Cashier 850-599-3137 nekisha1.burgess@famu.edu
Vincent Evans    
Cashier 850-561-2953 vincent.evans@famu.edu
Debra Mayo    
Cashier 850-561-2953 debra.mayo@famu.edu
Denatra Lewis    
Cashier 850-561-2954 denatra.lewis@famu.edu
  Student Accounts  
Adria Gumbel    
Assistant Controller 850-412-5035 adria.gumbel@famu.edu
Doris Kennedy    
Third Party Billing 850-412-5038 doris.kennedy@famu.edu
Minnie Robinson    
Refunds 850-561-2951 minnie.robinson@famu.edu
Tamara Davis    
Refunds 850-412-5042 tamara.davis@famu.edu
Martinya Maddox    
Accountant 850-412-5033 martinya.akinsmaddox@famu.edu
  Perkins Loans  
John Tornes    
Coordinator, Perkins Loans 850-412-5041 john.tornes@famu.edu
Laquita McCray    
Senior Financial Services Officer 850-412-5055 laquita.reynolds@famu.edu
Veronica Scott    
Coordinator, Collections 850-412-5030 veronica.scott@famu.edu
  Taxes and Payroll Acounting  
Mark Neel    
Assistant Controller 850-412-5628 mark.neel@famu.edu
Freddie Hall    
Coordinator 850-412-5070 freddie.hall@famu.edu