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"Reflections on the work of Dr. Na'im Akbar"

November 2-3, 2012
Florida A&M University

The Florida A&M University Department of Psychology is pleased to announce the third National Conference on African/Black Psychology, which will be held November 2-3, 2012 on the campus of Florida A&M University (FAMU).

Dr. Akbar is a scholar/activist who has heeded the call of Bolekaja, which means to come on down and fight. Dr. Akbar has published many articles and written several books including: Chains and Images of Psychological Slavery, The Community of Self, Visions for Black Men, Light from Ancient Africa, Breaking the Chains of Psychological Slavery, Know Thyself, and most recently, Akbar Papers in African Psychology.  Na'im Akbar has been described by Essence magazine as "one of the world's preeminent African American Psychologist and a pioneer in the development of an African Centered approach to modern psychology".  He is a graduate in Clinical Psyc
hology from the University of Michigan, a former president of the Association of Black Psychologists (ABPsi) and former chair of the Department of Psychology at Morehouse College.  He also served as Research Associate in Clinical Psychology in Florida State University.  Dr. Akbar currently serves as Executive Director of his publishing company Mind Productions and Associations as well as President of his Akbar Consultant's firm in Tallahassee, Florida.  He has been interviewed on several occasions: the Oprah Winfrey Show, National Public Radio, Tony Brown's Journal, each of the State of the Black Unions, and many other national network appearances. 

Early Registration: Ends September 15
Regular Registration: September 16 - October 22
Late Registration: October 23 - November 2

Free conference admission for FAMU students with valid Rattler
*(banquet and reception tickets available for purchase)

To make hotel reservations,

For the conference agenda, CLICK HERE


For more information, please call: (850) 599-3474


The Third Annual National Conference on African/Black Psychology is dedicated to the life’s work of Dr. Na’im Akbar.  Dr. Akbar is a scholar/activist who has heeded the call of Bolekaja, which means to come on down and fight.  Given his unwavering commitment and dedication to a psychology of liberation for African people, Akbar centered his focus on psycho-historical and social analysis that sought to not only interpret and understand Africana realities under Western oppression, but to ultimately change them. Thus, in honoring one of African Psychology’s favorite sons, we solicit papers that attempt to challenge African-centered psychologists to continue the task of offering models of psychological functioning that demonstrate how the acquiring of cultural consciousness translates into practical solutions that impact the social, economic and political conditions confronting people of African descent. We seek papers on topics that fit within his published works.

*Natural Psychology and Human Transformation asserts that humans are more than the physical make of ourselves and our potential for growth and development excess our limited perception of ourselves.  

* The Community of Self covers the structure and functioning of the human self applied to the process of mental development and self improvement for the effective functioning of the African American community.  

*Visions for Black Men defines the difference between a male, man, and a boy thereafter addresses ways, such as rites of passages, to restore black manhood to those who have been robbed of their humanity.   

*Breaking the Chains of Psychological Slavery assesses the lingering effects of slavery as well as the affects of racial and religious images of the psychological functioning.  

*Know Thyself defines proper education as a means for empowerment and education for African Americans must include “self knowledge” to empower themselves. 

*Akbar Papers in African Psychology addresses models of psychological functioning in African Psychology and includes the collection of Dr. Akbars’ publication of scholarly work in the field.

*Light from Ancient Africa asserts that the study of human psychology was and remains an African invention and provides guidelines for modern-day implications and application in the field.  

CRITERIA: Participants are to develop a theme or use existing research based around any of Dr. Akbar's listed works. The paper should be based either on practice, theory, or empirical research. The selection will be based on relevance to theme, clarity of paper, intellectual significance, and originality. Participants must send a 350-500 word abstract by August 30, 2012 and the paper by September 15, 2012 (the paper and abstract must include participant name, affiliation, paper title, and e-mail address). Notification of acceptance will be on or before September 22, 2012.

Dr. Jermaine Robertson or Mr. Spencer Tyrus
at famupsychology@famu.edu or 850-599-3014.