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July 7 - 25, 2014

The Collaborative Arts Projects is a three-week program wherein high school students will experience and research projects motivated by the STEAM philosophy of cross-curricular multidisciplinary learning methods involving Science, Technology, Engineering, Architecture and Math.  The following sessions are being offered:

WEEK 1:  MY SISTINE CHAPEL (Art & Architecture)
Students will create a Collaborative Arts Projects (CAP) using mixed media recycled materials. This CAP is a creative research of renaissance art and new construction ideas about Art & Architecture. These concepts are inspired by the masterpiece fresco ceiling paintings of the Sistine Chapel created by the Renaissance artist Michelangelo. This modern day theme: “My Sistine Chapel” is a CAP ‘think/tank’ project to question student’s ideas about the history of art and students personal narratives about the world we live in today. Students will collectively design a new Sistine Chapel ceiling with architectural elements presenting an interesting story inspired by the historical masterpiece.

WEEK 2:  HOODIE ROBOTS (Art & Engineering)

Students will learn silkscreen and relief printmaking techniques for textiles to design and create the Hoodie Robot: “Super Hero Garments”. The research for the Hoodie Robots explore ideas about peace, protection and references of symbolic beauty. Students will experience the arts of social and political themes and fundamentals in mechanical engineering focusing robotic and figurative functions.  Each student participant will take home a first ‘think/tank’ series of CAP-HOODIE ROBOTS: “Super Hero Garments”.

WEEK 3:  H20 & THE PAPER VASE (Art & Science)

The “Paper Vase” experiment is a one-day project. This project is a team challenge on the clock with timed objectives for all students in the Summer CAP to explore a math and science creative experience. There are no losers but a first, second and third place team awards for this “H20 & Paper Vase” CAP competition. This 3rd week of CAP students will also finish the final details for all CAP projects to organize plans for the Summer CAP Student Exhibition.

The Summer CAP Students Exhibition and Awards Reception at the Foster-Tanner Gallery, Friday August 1st.

For more details or to register now, CLICK HERE.

Professor Pamela Bowens-Saffo
putonyothinkincap@gmail.com • (850) 599-8758

Florida A&M University
Foster Tanner Arts Building • Tallahassee, Florida  32307