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Hongmei Chi, Ph.D.

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I am Hongmei Chi, Assistant Professor of the Department of Computer and
I received my Ph.D. in Computer Science from Florida State University in 2004. I worked as a postdoctoral research associate for bioinformatics with the School of Computational Science during summer 2004. I have participated and obtained two grants as PI or CO-PI since I joined this department. I am currently directing three master's students and have served as a committee member on several other students' thesis committee. I have published and presented in regional and international conferences and journals. My current research interests include parallel/grid computing, software testing, computational biology and network security.
Dr. Chi's current research interests include:


    •  Information Assurance (IA)
      • Security/privacy models/Issues for various computing enviornments, such as ehealthcare, cloud computing, e-learning(u-learning) and social networking sites.
    • Parallel Computing
      • Development of random number generators for use on multi-core processors and GPU and Mobile(handheld) Device. SPRNG library.
    • Bioinformatics
      • Work with Dr. Beerli for his software MIGRATE
    • Computational Geometry and Monte Carlo
      • Computational Geometry is useful in complex network. We are applied Monet carlo methods to solve this type of problems.



 Recent Publications:
H. Chi and E. Jones Generating Parallel Quasirandom Sequences by using Randomization, Journal of distributed and parallel computing, 67(7), 876-881, 2007.

A. Karaivanova and H. Chi, Quasi-random walks on balls using c.u.d, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 4310, 165—172, 2007.

H. Chi, a Conceptual Model to Support the Integration of Inter-organizational Healthcare Information Systems, Winter Simulation Conference 2007.

H. Chi and D. Evans, Keystroke Analysis of Passwords, the 8th International Conference on Information and Communications Security (ICICS06), Raleigh, NC, December 2006.

H. Chi, M. Mascagni and T. Warnock, On the Optimal Halton Sequence. Mathematics and Computers in Simulation. 70/1. 9-21, 2005.

M. Mascagni and H. Chi. Parallel Linear Congruential Generators with Sophie Germain Moduli. Parallel Computing, 30: 1217-1231, 2004.

M. Mascagni and H. Chi, On the Scrambled Halton Sequence. Monte Carlo Methods and Applications, 10, 435-442, 2004.



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