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Center for Disability Access and Resources (CeDAR)

Faculty/Staff Directory  Faculty/Staff Directory
Phone  850.599-3180
Fax  Fax: 850.561-2513

Center for Disability Access and Resources (CeDAR)
667 Ardelia Court
Tallahassee, FL 32307

The CeDAR is committed to providing students with disabilities access to programs, services, and opportunities campus wide. However, we do recognize that barriers may exist which such access. The CeDAR welcomes your comments on barriers to accessibility on campus. These barriers may be physical, attitudinal or academic.

Please complete the form by clicking the link above, describing the barrier you recently experience and send this form to the CeDAR.

If you choose to identify yourself and include a return address, a CeDAR representative will respond to your concern as soon as possible and refer the reported barrier to the appropriate campus office. We will keep you informed of any changes that are made.

If your concern is not resolved by the appropriate persons within a reasonable time, it is your right to file a formal grievance with the FAMU Office of Equal Opportunity Programs or the U.S. Office of Civil Rights (OCR).


At the CeDAR, we strive to create an environment where our visitors are greeted with a smile, treated with respect, and leave with clear heart, mind, and spirit. If you recently visited our office and did not get an opportunity to complete the office visit survey, we want to hear from you. Please complete the survey by clicking the link above and tell us about your visit. Thanks for your time and we hope you will return!


In an effort to better serve both the CeDAR participants and the entire university community, this survey is available to obtain feedback concerning how we can improve our services. We invite you to complete the survey by clicking the link above, and welcome any comments or suggestions provided.

PLEASE PRINT FORMS AND FAX TO 850-561-2513 OR SEND VIA EMAIL TO:  Solange.Charles@famu.edu