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University and Course Withdrawals

Withdrawal from the University-A student who desires to withdraw from the university must contact the director of the Center for Human Development and explain the circumstances which he or she feels require him or her to withdraw from the university. Upon approval by the director, the withdrawal form will be completed and signed by the director and the student. The student is required to turn in all residence hall keys, if applicable, to the counselor of the dormitory in which the student is residing and meet all other stipulations required by the university.

When the above signatures have been placed on the withdrawal form, the student must file the form with the university registrar by the deadline published in the University calendar for the term in which the withdrawal is sought. This procedure is to be followed by all students both on-campus and off-campus.

Any student who withdraws from the university during the regular or late registration periods will not receive grades at the close of the term. A student who officially withdraws after “the last day to register” but during the first eight weeks will receive W at the close of the term. For information on refunds, see Refund Policy.  A grade of “F” for each course will be given to any student who leaves the university without filing a withdrawal form with the Registrar’s Office.

Withdrawal from a course(s)- Under exceptional circumstances, it may be necessary for a student to withdraw from a course after the deadline for add/drop. Such withdrawals are accomplished upon the recommendation of the student’s academic adviser to the dean, who will forward the appropriate form to the university registrar. Withdrawal from a course must be accomplished prior to the published deadline.  A machine printed “W” will appear on the class roll/grade roll for all courses for which a student has been withdrawn. No refund of fees is made.

Administrative Withdrawal- A student may be administratively withdrawn with fee liability from a course(s) by the academic department if the student registered for the course without appropriate signature or permission. Students who are administratively withdrawn from the University for violation(s) of the University’s Student Code of Conduct are not entitled to any refund from any fees paid during the semester in which there is cause for withdrawal.

University Withdrawal Committee- The student may petition the University Withdrawal Committee for a retroactive (after the published term withdrawal deadline) term withdrawal based on documented circumstances beyond the student’s control within 12 months after the end of the term for which the withdrawal is sought. Students seeking retroactive course withdrawal should report to the Registrar’s Office for further direction. Students should be aware that requests for withdrawal and retroactive term withdrawals will negatively impact the award of current and prior financial aid as well as enrollment status for the affected term.