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Department of Social Work
Florida A&M University offers a professional program leading to the Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) in the Department of Social Work.  The Bachelor of Social Work Program is accredited by the Council on Social Work Education and prepares students for generalist social work practice . The professional curriculum consists of sixty (60) credit hours including twelve (12) hours of field placement.  Certain courses in the curriculum are open to non-majors and offer exposure to current issues in service delivery.  Program graduates may be eligible for advanced standing in many schools offering the Master of Social Work (MSW) Degree.


Following are the admission procedures for first-time-in-college and transfer students wishing to enter the Social Work program:

Freshmen -   First-time-in-college freshmen students applying for admissions to the University and wishing to major in social work should simply indicate social work as their chosen major. The University Admissions Office will forward students' records and application to the Department of Social Work, and the Social Work Department will send a letter accepting students as pre-social work majors.  A Social Work advisor will be assigned to students in order to guide them through the appropriate liberal arts courses and to prepare them for the upper division and full admittance to the BSW program.  Students should meet with their advisors a minimum of once per semester to register for the following semester.

Transfer Students -  Transfer students, after completing coursework at another university and wishing to major in Social Work, should designate Social Work as their intended major when you completing their applications.  The Admissions Office will forward students' records and application to the Department of Social Work, and the Social Work Department will send letters accepting students as pre-social work majors and assigning them to a Social Work advisor.  At this point, students should call or email their advisor to set up a time to complete an evaluation form. This will allow advisors to properly advise students in the courses they need to take.  Note: Students transferring to FAMU with an AA degree from a Florida state college, community college or university, will not be required to meet any additional liberal arts requirements shown below.  They will complete only the 60 hours of upper division social work courses. 

Chairperson: Langley, Merlin R.
Program Director: Myers, Laura
Faculty:  Aguilar, Gloria; Davis, Cynthia
Field Coordinator: Vacant
Title IV-E Child Welfare Education Program Coordinator: Donaldson, Katisa


The social work curriculum does not formally begin until the student’s junior year because it is considered an upper-division professional program.  However, students need to begin taking the required general education courses for the major as freshmen (as pre-social work majors).  Social work majors are required to complete 60 hours of general education courses and social work prerequisite courses and 60 hours of upper-division professional social work courses for a total of 120 hours. The upper-division 60 hours are taken in the junior and senior years and include 14 required social work courses (42 credit hours), two social work electives (6 credit hours), and a field practicum (12 credit hours).  In order to move from the lower division (pre-social work) status to the upper division (social work) status, students must:

    1.    Complete the general education curriculum
    2.    Complete the BSW Application Process
    3.    Have an overall GPA of at least 2.0.

General Education Requirements (Freshman and Sophomore Years)

EnglishSem. Hrs.
ENC 1101 Communication Skills I                                                  4
ENC 1102 Communication Skills II6
ENC 2300/3243/3320  Advanced Writing Course*                  3
*Students with C in ENC 1101 and ENC 1102 must take ENC 2300 
MAC/MGF 1105 Math 1105 or above3
MAC/MGF 1105 Math 1105 or above       3
BSC 1005 Biology* 3
BSC/PSC/AST etc.      3
Social Sciences & Humanities 
AMH 2010/2020 American History3
AMH 2091/AFA 3104 African American History or  Experience                                 3
ECO 2013 Principles of Economics*3
POS 2041 American National Government*3
PSY 2012 Introduction of Psychology*3
SPC 2608 Public Speaking3
SYG 2000 Introduction to Sociology*3
SYG XXXX Sociology Elective3
HUM/REL/PHH etc. Humanities Elective3
HSC 1100 Health3
CSS 1041 Introduction to Computers or Equivalent3
Free Electives

*This is a state common prerequisite. Substitutes indicated in the State Common Prerequisite Manual at www.facts.org will be accepted.

Upper Division Requirements (Junior and Senior Years)

Junior Year
Fall Semester
Sem. Hrs.
SOW 3203 Introduction to Social Work                  3
SOW 3104 HBSE: Life Cycle POS 2012 Introduction to Psychology3
SOW 3230 Social Welfare History  3
SOW 3290 Ethics and Professional Development4
SOW 3801 Self Awareness HSC 1100 Health3

Spring SemesterSem. Hrs.
SOW 3341 S/W Practice with Individuals and Families            3
SOW 3350 Interviewing and Recording 3
SOW 4103 Theories of Human Behavior3
SOW 4403 Research Methods3
SOW XXXX Social Work elective3

 Senior Year
Fall Semester
Sem. Hrs.
SOW 4322 Social Work Practice with Groups                             3
SOW 4343 Social Work Practice with Communities & Organizations3
SOW 4414 Research Measurements 3
SOW 3232  Policy Analysis 3
SOW XXXX  Social Work Elective   3

Spring Semester                                                                                   Sem. Hrs.
 SOW 4510 Field Practicum                               12
SOW 4522 Integrative Seminar  


Note to students:  Classes will not be offered every semester, so you may change the order in which you take courses when necessary.  The only pre-requisite and co-requisite requirements are as follows:

    1.   SOW 3203 (Introduction to Social Work) is a pre-requisite for SOW 3341 (Practice I)
    2.   SOW 3341 (Practice I) is a pre-requisite for SOW 4322 (Practice II) and SOW 4343 (Practice III)
    3.   SOW 4403 (Research Methods) is a pre-requisite for SOW 4414 (Research Measurements)
    4.   All classes must be completed before taking SOW 4510 (Field Practicum) and SOW 4522 (Integrative Seminar)
    5.   SOW 4510 (Field Practicum) and SOW 4522 (Integrative Seminar) must be taken during the same semester

SOW 3104 Human Behavior Across the Life Cycle (3) A Lifespan approach of human development which examines the biological, cultural, psychological, and social factors which influence human development from birth to old age.
SOW 3203 Introduction to Social Work (3) A survey of programs and services developed as a response to human need from both an historical and political perspective.
SOW 3230 History Social Welfare Policy (3) This course is consistent with the program’s commitment to providing an understanding of the dynamics and consequences of social and economic justice, including how policies have either promoted or sought to alleviate all forms of human oppression and discrimination throughout history. This course introduces strategies for combating the causes and effects of institutionalized forms of oppression through the political process that adheres to the profession’s values and ethics.
SOW 3232 Policy Analysis (3) The course examines state and federal social welfare policies and programs which have been and/or are currently available to American citizens. It will also examine the relationship of social, economic, and political factors in the development of social services.
SOW 3290 Ethics & Professional Development (4) This course is designed to assist students in gaining knowledge of social work as a profession and developing the professional and practical skills necessary  for entry into social work related careers. Ethical dilemmas and values are examined.
SOW 3341 Social Work Practice (3) Introductory, generalist social work practice focused on values, attitudes, processes in client-worker relationships, assessment, interventions, and goal setting with individuals and families.
SOW 3350 Interviewing and Recording (3) Skills based course addressing practice in twelve interviewing strategies; extensive practice in process case recording.
SOW 3801 Self Awareness Lab (3) Laboratory group experience designed to help social work students gain awareness and understanding of self as a helping person.
SOW 4103 Theories of Human Behavior (3) A critical analysis of selected theories which differentially explain the development of the individual in society.
SOW 4152 Human Sexuality (3) Examination of the entire span of sexual development including knowledge of historical, biological, psychological and sociological perspectives.
SOW 4322 Social Work Practice (3) A practice oriented course to develop knowledge in group dynamics, group development, and leadership with groups.
SOW 4343 Social Work Practice (3) Introduces students to macro social work practice in the community. Examines goals of community organizing, components of community development, and roles of community organizers with communities and organizations.
SOW 4403 Research Methods in Social Work (3) Instruction in scientific methods of basic research as a problem-solving process, including definitions of problems, interventions and outcomes in measurable terms.  Also, formulation and testing of hypotheses.
SOW 4414 Measurement in Social Work Practice (3) Provides basic instruction in use of conceptual and quantitative tools for description, analysis and interpretation of data.
SOW 4510 Field Experience in Social Work (12) Affiliation as student intern with social agency. Experience is designed to supplement and reinforce conceptual classroom learning and offer social work practice in structured agency setting under supervision.
SOW 4522 Integrative Field Seminar (3) A seminar for students in field placement for the integration of course materials with activities in field placement.
SOW 4602 Social Work Practice in Health Care (3) Issues related to the health care delivery system including legislation and policy development and the role of social work in medical settings.
SOW 4613 Mental Health Services (3) Analysis of the development of community mental health services in the U.S. and the role of social workers in delivering these services.
SOW 4622 Social Work With African American Families (2) Theories, practice and research relevant to understanding African American families are examined via the socio cultural forces impacting family structures and functions.
SOW 4643 Social Work With the Aged (3) Clarification of special needs of the aged and their families, including psychodynamics of disordered behavior available and needed services.
SOW 4651 Children and the Law (3) Course focuses on the law directly impacting the tasks performed by social workers in child welfare settings.
SOW 4654 Social Work With Children (3) The structure of services and the range of programs from prevention to protection and placement.
SOW 4657 Youth in Crises (3) Social work with young people encountering traumatic life experiences, including crime and violence.
SOW 4682 AIDS: Impact on the Life Cycle (3) An overview of the AIDS epidemic, including issues related to HIV testing, ARC treatment, legal and ethical implications.
SOW 4700 Social Work With Chemical Dependencies (3) The nature of drugs and alcohol addiction and the impact on the lives of individuals and families.
SOW 4930 Social Work Topics (3) Variable content course permitting study of current policy issues, special target populations, new programs, etc. Topics to be covered are announced in advance of registration.