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Small Business Development Center (SBDC)

A Partnership Program with the United States Small Business

The Small Business Development Center has as its major focus provision of management and technical assistance to small business firms to aid in stabilizing the economy, developing jobs in the private sector, and  fostering entrepreneurship. Services are provided to an area which includes eight counties: Leon, Franklin, Gadsden, Liberty, Jefferson, Madison, Taylor and Wakulla.

Services Provided
Educational Programs - Provide workshops, conferences and courses in business management. A nominal registration fee is charged for all educational programs.
Counseling - Provides personal and confidential counseling by certified business analysts which include but is not limited to the following:

•Starting a Business
•Business Plan Development
•Market Research and Planning
•Accounting Systems
•Taxes and Licensing Compliance
•Loan Resources
•Government Procurement

Counseling services are provided free and requires an appointment.

Resource Library - Provides access to business-related publications, videos and various reference materials.

Computer Learning Center - Provides access to various business software applications and the internet.

Construction Management Development and Bond Guarantee - Funded by the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), the CMDBG provides a comprehensive construction management development training program for Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBEs) and Small Business Enterprises (SBEs) and establishes a program for providing bonding assistance to DBEs through bond guarantees on FDOT projects.

Innovation Park Business Incubator - In collaboration with the Small Business Development Center at Florida A&M University and the Leon County R&D Authority, the Innovation Park Business Incubator expects to enhance the regional economy by promoting the creation, expansion and recruitment of high growth/high wage companies.

The purpose of the Innovation Park Business Incubator is to provide a nurturing environment for new and/or fledgling businesses, no-to- reduced rent for short periods of time, conference/meeting facilities, receptionist/secretarial support, capital investment search assistance and a variety of other business services for start-up companies and entrepreneurs during their first two to three years of development. By coordinating the strategic deployment of resources and encouraging small business networking and joint-venturing, the Innovation Park Business Incubator helps entrepreneurs to minimize and manage the risk normally associated with starting and growing.*

Small Business Enterprise - A collaborative agreement between the Small Business Development  Center at Florida A&M University  and Leon County, the Small Business Enterprise (SBE) is a race and gender neutral  program, which affords benefits to small businesses to participate in Leon County’s procurement of goods and services. The SBE program fosters growth in the county’s economy by affording small businesses a chance to gain experience, knowledge, and training to compete and secure contracts in the bidding process.

Benefits of the SBE Program - The Small Business Enterprise Program provides management and technical assistance training to enhance the small business probability of success, thereby increasing the community’s economic development. The training is provided through the Small Business Development Center at Florida A&M University.

County officials will reserve bids and Requests for Proposal (RFP) for SBEs when at least three (3) SBEs are certified within the same type of commodity or service activity.**

*Information from Incubator Program Agreement
**Information from SBE Program Brochure