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Instructional Technology

Instructional Media Center
The Instructional Media Center (IMC), located on the ground floor of the Coleman Library, Room 104, contains two interactive classrooms, a faculty development lab, and an academic computer lab.  The IMC offers multimedia, distance learning, audiovisual, and videoconferencing support to faculty, staff and students at Florida A&M University.  These facilities are available for class sessions or developing instructional and student materials.
The Instructional Technology staff is also available to help faculty assess the feasibility of using technology to enhance the teaching-learning environment.  The staff will assist faculty with incorporating technology into lesson development and lesson delivery.  In addition, staff members can work with faculty to prepare course material for delivering classes via videoconference and web-based instruction.  The IMC provides assistance in the creation of projected images or computer generated presentations.  Please call the IMC at (850) 599-3460 or 599-3461 for appointments and reservations.

Faculty Development Lab
Recognizing that faculty training and support are pivotal to the full integration of technology into the learning process, a faculty development lab, located in the Instructional Media Center, is devoted to training faculty in the use of multimedia and distance learning technologies and in the development of courseware.  In addition, the IMC provides resources to keep the University community up-to-date in the rapidly changing technological environment for instruction.  The lab is equipped with computers, printers, scanners, digital cameras, CD-ROM writers/recorders, and instructional software that faculty can use to enhance and develop instructional materials.

Distance Learning Classroom
There are two IP videoconferencing interactive classrooms. One of the interactive classrooms is a turnkey integration of videoconferencing equipment, multimedia, Internet service, and multipoint conferencing.  This room is located in 117 of the IMC.  The other Instructional Technology interactive classroom is located in the new wing of the Coleman Library in room 113 in the Office of Instructional Technology.  This IP classroom runs on Internet 2 and houses the Access Grid.  This room is equipped with state-of-the-art components.  Some of these components include Sony cameras, three Sharp LCD projectors, four Intel Pentium III machines, Mackie speakers, Crown Microphones, two sound blaster audio cards, two multimedia keyboards, one Matrox video card, two Matrox dual video cards, a NEC MultiSync LCD,  and four video capture cards.

Academic Computer Lab
The Academic Computer Lab is equipped with DELL and GATEWAY personal computers, which are connected to the campus network in order to provide students access to the Internet and electronic mail.  The software installed on the computers is Microsoft Office Suite (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access, etc.).  The computer lab has a printing cost of $.10 per page.  Printing is activated by the use of the Rattler Card.  Students can put cash on their Rattler Card at the Cash Value Center (CVC) located in the IMC.  Other CVCs are located in several locations around campus.  A computer lab supervisor and lab assistants are available to assist students with their various academic assignments.

Satellite Downlinking Services
The IMC houses two digital and two analog satellite antennas (C and Ku-band).  The IMC is a member of the Florida Channel.  Satellite programs can be downlinked and viewed live or recorded for viewing at a later date.

Media Circulation
The IMC provides faculty, staff and students access to media circulation services and a growing collection of instructional materials selected to meet their educational needs.  The IMC houses a collection of nearly 6,000 titles in different formats (i.e. videotape, audiotape, etc.).  The collection is available for classroom use to faculty, students and other related area where non-printed media are an integral parts of the teaching-learning process.  The videotape collection is continually upgraded with new acquisitions made throughout the academic year.  A large selection of audio-visual equipment, such as LCD projectors, slide projectors, over-head projectors, VCRs and camcorders, are available to enhance classroom instruction.
For more information, visit the Instructional Media Center’s Web site at http://www.famu.edu and click on the Instructional Technology button.