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Grading System and Grade Point Average - Main Campus

The quality of work done by students is indicated by the letter of the alphabet as follows: A grade of “A”, exceptional; “B”, superior; “C”, average; “D”, passing but poor; “S”, satisfactory; “N”, no grade reported; “U”, unsatisfactory; “W”, withdrew; “F”, failure; “I”, incomplete; “X”, audit; “TP”, thesis pending; “DP”, dissertation pending; and “P”, pass. An “N”, preceding the aforementioned grades denotes failure of the student to complete payment of registration fees.

A grade of “A” earns four grade points for each hour of credit; “B” earns three grade points; “C” earns two grade points; “D” earns one grade point; “F” earns no grade points; and “X” earns no grade points. A student’s term GPA is determined by dividing the number of hours attempted for GPA into the number of grade points earned. Similarly, the cumulative GPA is determined by dividing the total number of hours attempted for GPA into the total number of grade points earned.

The grade of “W” is used only to denote that a student withdrew (or was withdrawn) from the course or from the university.

A student who is passing a course but has not completed all of the required work by the end of the term may, with the permission of the instructor, be assigned a grade of “I”. Grades of “I” are not assigned to any course that a student fails to attend or if a student withdraws from the university. A student should not register for a course(s) in which incomplete grades have been received. If he or she does, the original “I” will automatically be changed to a permanent grade of “F.”

Incomplete “I” grades will not count as hours attempted in computing cumulative grade point averages. It is the responsibility of the student to make arrangements with the instructor for the removal of an incomplete grade. All incomplete grades must be removed by the last day of classes of the term in which the student is next enrolled, or the grade will be changed to “F”.

Certain courses may be approved by the academic dean for satisfactory-unsatisfactory (S-U) grades. Such courses would normally be outside a student’s major and minor fields and would not be included in the grade point average. An “N” grade will be changed to a permanent grade upon receipt of an official grade from the instructor.

Graduate students who are writing a thesis or dissertation may receive the grade of “TP” (Thesis Pending) or “DP”(Dissertation Pending) if approved by their major professor. Once the Thesis or Dissertation is successfully defended, the assigned grade must be an “S” (Satisfactory).

Forgiveness Policy and Procedures

An undergraduate student may improve his/her GPA by repeating an undergraduate course (1000-4999) in which a grade of “D” or “F” was received.  Only the grade and grade points received in the final attempt shall be used in computing the student’s cumulative grade point average.  However, effective Fall 2004 only three such requests are available to the student during the student’s undergraduate career.  Such application for grade forgiveness must be made at the appropriate time, in writing, to the Office of the Registrar.  All attempts for a given course and all grades will remain on the student’s transcript.

When a student repeats an undergraduate course (1000-4999) in which the grade of “D” was previously received, the first attempt is forgivable under certain conditions:
    I. The course is repeated because it is a major course or a course required by the major where the minimum grade of “C” is required.
   II. The course is repeated under Rule 6C3-4.09 of Florida A&M University where the minimum grade of “C” is required.

A student must petition the advisor, department or division chairperson, dean or university registrar in order to have this policy applied. Courses with numbers 5000-8999 are specifically excluded.  Graduate students and former students who have earned bachelor degrees are excluded. 

Grade Forgiveness Policy for Graduate Students

Effective Fall 2001, a graduate student enrolled at Florida A&M University who receives a C, D, or F grade, which fails to meet the requirements of a specific graduate program, may petition the Program Dean or Graduate Director to retake the course. The course must be taken at Florida A&M University (FAMU), unless the course is offered at Florida State University (FSU) under the FAMU/FSU cooperative program and the course must carry the same course number and description. Only the higher grade shall be used in computing the overall grade point average (GPA), but both grades will remain on the transcript. If both grades are the same, only the second will be counted in the GPA. A graduate student may repeat no more than two courses in any graduate program at Florida A&M University, and may repeat each course only once. A grade forgiveness form must be submitted by the student to the Registrar’s Office after the course is retaken and prior to graduation.