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Center for Disability Access  and Resources (CeDAR)

The Center for Disability Access and Resources (CeDAR) at Florida A & M University provides supportive services to students with disabilities to enhance their skills for personal, academic and professional growth. The mission of the CeDAR, is to provide enriching support programs, services, and reasonable accommodations to FAMU students with disabilities. Our mission is to also foster a sense of empowerment in students with disabilities by educating them about their legal rights and responsibilities so that they can make informed choices, be critical thinkers, and self advocates. Our goal is to ensure students with disabilities have access to the same programs, opportunities, and activities available to all FAMU students.

The CeDAR identifies a participant’s level of abilities and provides services to include:
•    Assessments
•    Prescriptive Plans of Study
•    Academic Advisement
•    Individualized Counseling/Testing
•    Development of Compensatory and Life-Long Skills
•    Monitoring of Student Progress 
•    Readers, Tutors, and Proctors

We recognize that many students with specific disabilities have the potential; however, without these specialized support services their potential may never be fully realized and developed. As a participant, students have access to life-long learning skills that are necessary for active participation in a competitive society.

Mobility Services
TheCeDAR also supports the University by providing campus-wide transportation to students with physical disabilities and/or challenges. This includes access to university buildings and/or gated areas for student drop-off/pick-ups.

Adaptive Learning Lab
The CeDAR is supported by an adaptive learning laboratory that consists of desktop computers w/printers and large screen monitors; voice dictated and synthesized computer software. Additional equipment available for use includes:

•    Talking Calculators
•    Laptop Computers
•    Laser Scanners
•    Magnification Devices
•    Calculators
•    Brain Child (mini tutorial software)
•    Digital/Micro-cassette Recorders
•    Quicktionary Pen Readers
•    Hearing Helper Personal FM System
•    Books on Tape/CD
•    CCTV

College Study Skills Institute
The CeDAR sponsors the College Study Skills Institute (CSSI), a five week summer program designed for prospective students with disabilities. During CSSI, students’ strengths and weaknesses are identified, and their disability/disabilities and reasonable accommodations are discussed and broadened to enhance their academic foundation levels for learning and success.

Theodore R. and Vivian M. Johnson Scholarship
The CeDAR sponsors the Theodore R. and Vivian M. Johnson Scholarship, a competitively award program which is available to undergraduate students with disabilities who enroll in the State of Florida University System. 

Contact Information:

Florida A&M University
Center for Disability Access and Resources (CeDAR)
667 Ardelia Court
Tallahassee, FL 32307
(850) 599-3180 (Main Line)
(850) 561-2513 (Fax)
(850) 561-2783 (TDD)