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Addendum for International Education and Development

The International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) Department provides resources to facilitate the adjustment process of international students in their new cultural environment. ISSS coordinates the Florida West Africa Institute (FLAWI) and monitors the programs of students supported by other institutions in Florida. ISSS administers and oversees all international F-1 and sponsored J-1 students enrolled at FAMU and provides assistance to faculty and staff desiring to change their visa status or transfer to another U.S. institution. In addition to administrative support and referral services related to immigration and other needs, ISSS offers a range of programs and activities to advance the overall educational experience of international students and scholars at FAMU. All incoming international students and scholars are provided orientation to the university and the local community. The staff provides international students and scholars individualized advising related to academic issues, housing, health issues and other concerns. It also sponsors outreach initiatives, which include a host family program and participation in the community international awareness activities. OIED also sponsors the International Student Association. In addition, international students and scholars are encouraged to actively participate in both international and domestic cultural events and training opportunities to include, but not limited to: employment career fairs; foreign employment and income tax workshops; study abroad, research and internship opportunities; leadership conferences; international awareness and education week; annual Charles Billings International Reception hosted during international education week; and presenters in classrooms and cultural events campus-wide and the greater community; and processing of immigration documents for travel, study, research, and employment.

Education Abroad and Exchange Programs
The Education Abroad and Exchange Programs (EAEP) Department, a Title III funded activity, provides FAMU students a substantial array of resources to help them identify opportunities for study, travel and work abroad. The International Resource Center consists of printed directories, guidebooks, pamphlets, brochures, a TV monitor and a computer to access electronic bookmarked websites of diverse education abroad opportunities. Education abroad consists of service learning, traditional year-long or  semester study abroad, internships, departmental-sponsored short-term study, research and outreach. All study abroad courses are taught by the respective host institution faculty. OIED administers a year-round semester study abroad program in Santo Domingo, the capital city of the Dominican Republic, for students seeking a Latin American/Caribbean experience. Classes are taught at Pontificia Universidad Católica Madre y Maestra (PUCMM). The prescribed academic program consists of Spanish Language studies, Dominican and Afro-Caribbean culture and literature, directed individual study in the student’s major field, and a community service component. The education abroad staff organizes several short-term academic excursions with a service learning component during our spring breaks or summer sessions for faculty, staff, and students. The enriching activities can be customized to the faculty member’s class syllabi or a department research project. FAMU is a member of the College Consortium for International Studies (CCIS), a partnership of accredited two and four year U.S. and foreign colleges and universities that share a commitment to developing a variety of international programs. FAMU coordinates the CCIS Summer Program in the Dominican Republic. Through its consortia affiliations with CCIS and the Council for International Education & Exchanges, students can study in over 100 countries and in most fields. Applications are processed through the Office of International Education and Development.

The education abroad staff seeks to identify opportunities for faculty and staff to study, work, teach, or conduct research abroad. They assist with travel arrangements, travel document issues, pre-departure orientation, and other concerns related to travel abroad. The staff maintains an array of resources for faculty and staff and regularly informs them through the OIED Newsletter, flyers, etc., of the various opportunities available through public and private agencies for exchanges, research opportunities, and technical assistance to other universities. The Diplomat-In-Residence (DIR) Program is another component within OIED. Since 2001, FAMU has hosted four Diplomats-in-Residence; a program supported by the U.S. Department of State to encourage more students to pursue careers in the Foreign Service and foreign affairs and prepares students to compete for prestigious international and State Department internships. The DIR program is central to the effort to recruit the best and brightest to represent America’s rich diversity to the world.

The Office of International Education and Development (OlED), a component of the Division of Academic Affairs, supports and promotes the internationalization of the University through the incorporation of international curriculum development, and academic enhancement activities related to teaching, research, and public service. OlED seeks to promote the University's relevance in an interdependent global village and to facilitate greater appreciation of cross-cultural relations and global issues. OlED strives to establish and maintain a University environment that encourages faculty, staff, and students to participate in a process that enhances and broadens the global role of the University. Services to students, faculty, and staff are provided through three units: (1) International Student and Scholar Services; (2) Education Abroad and Exchange Programs; and (3) International Research and Development. If you need any of these services, please contact the Office of International Education and Development, located in 302 Perry-Paige North, call 850-599-3562/3295, or visit www.famu.edu/international.

International Research and Development
The International Research and Development Department (IRD) facilitates the development of international collaborative projects by providing technical assistance to enable faculty, staff, and students to become involved in international collaborative research and development activities. IRD assists in identifying and/or coordinating international project proposals with faculty and staff. It establishes contacts and conducts fact finding activities with foreign universities that result in capacity building projects or teaching exchanges. It facilitates the engagement of faculty in exciting international capacity building projects and research activities with foreign universities and governments. The staff monitors or assists in coordinating collaborative international projects to be implemented by faculty and staff. It networks with professional international consortia, organizations and government agencies for grants to support FAMU internationalization. IRD has responsibility of developing and maintaining all international Memoranda of Agreements (MOAs) and is the official custodian of MOAs approved by FAMU with entities abroad. In addition, we create collaborative relationships with foreign institutions to foster two plus two agreements for enrollment of undergraduate students, as well as, admissions to masters and doctoral programs. In addition, IRD administers and processes all immigration documents for transferring F-1 students and J-1 research scholars to change their visa status to H-1B temporary specialty employment visas; as well as, review and process permanent resident visa petitions.