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Academic Regulation Appeals Committee Petitions

The Academic Regulation Appeals Committee considers petitions from undergraduate students seeking exceptions to the academic regulations stated in the FAMU Catalog.  Appeal applications must be filed and considered prior to graduation.  The following type of appeals may be filed:
  • Waiver of Academic Suspension
  • Late or retroactive course withdrawal (limited to one year after course enrollment)
  • Late add or registration (limited to the next semester)
  • Late application for graduation (limited to four weeks after the published term deadline)

NOTE: Supporting documentation must accompany all appeal petitions.

Appeal requests must be picked up from college/school of your major.  Non-degree (special) students must petition through the Registrar’s Office.  Colleges are not responsible for petitions that are not submitted directly to and discussed with the proper college representative.  The Academic Regulation Appeals Committee normally meets monthly.  In order for a petition to be reviewed by a college/school and to be heard at a regular meeting, it must be submitted by the end of the first week of each month.  Petitions for re-admission (after academic suspension) must be submitted at least ten working days before the start of classes.

Course Designation and Credits
Courses are identified with an alphabetic and numeric coding system. The alphabetic abbreviation (which is composed of three letters) identifies the FAMU academic area (i.e., ENC = English), and the numbers have the following meaning: 1000 series-freshman level courses; 2000 series-sophomore level courses; 3000 series-junior level courses; 4000 series-senior level courses; 5000 series and above- professional or graduate level courses.

Credits for all courses are expressed in semester hours. All courses offered by Florida A&M University, whether main campus or off-campus, are considered residence credit. One semester hour is the amount of credit earned for the satisfactory completion of one hour a week lecture or recitation or two hours a week laboratory practice throughout one semester. One semester hour is the equivalent of one and one-half quarter hours.

Classification of Students
Undergraduate students not enrolled as special students are grouped in four classes according to total credits earned in semester hours on their record in the Office of the University Registrar:

I.    Freshmen-earned less than 30 semester hours
II.    Sophomores-earned 30 to 59 semester hours
III.    Juniors-earned 60 to 89 semester hours
IV.    Seniors-earned 90 or more semester hours
V.    Professional students must be fully admitted to the pharmacy and law program
VI.    Graduate Students-earned the bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution and/or meet the university’s requirements for admission to graduate studies (for further details, see graduate admissions requirements elsewhere in this catalog for admission to the department under guidance of which students intend to study).
VII.    Non Degree Seeking-those not admitted to a regular degree program.