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About the College of Education

A Foundation of General EducationA Planned Sequence in Professional Education
A Planned Sequence in the Area of Specialization
Admissions to Professional Teacher Education Programs
Graduation Requirements

The College of Education can be considered the cornerstone college of Florida A&M University; it was the first and only college, department or major within the university at its inception in 1887. The College of Education (COE) currently retains its position of acclaim associated with superior accomplishment at this university and within the nation. The COE remains among the top producers of African-American teachers in the United States. The primary mission of the college is the production of exemplary professionals to serve in educational institutions who are informed, proactive, competent, and reflective practitioners.

The College of Education administers the pre-service and in-service professional education and graduate programs encompassed within five (5) undergraduate and graduate degree granting departments:  Elementary Education; Secondary Education and Foundations; Health, Physical Education and Recreation; Business and Technology Education; and the Department of Educational Leadership and Human Services. The College of Education in combination with the College of Arts and Sciences, known as the Professional Education Unit (PEU), provide the relevant curriculum for elementary, secondary, and graduate education programs supporting 19 undergraduate degrees and 18 graduate degrees.

The COE purposes to: (1) assume leadership for the selection, guidance and professional preparation of teacher educators and practitioners who will serve in elementary, secondary and post-secondary schools, and other related agencies of Florida and the nation; and (2) provide a substantial foundation for advanced study as students choose to extend their educational preparation and pursuits. These purposes will be met through a foundation of general education, a planned sequence in professional education and rigorous graduate programs providing excellent preparation for professional pursuits, graduate study and post-graduate work.

Dean:  Genniver C. Bell, Ed.D.

A Foundation of General Education
- This sequence is designed to: (1) prepare the student to meet the demands of a changing civilization and society; (2) use sound judgment in decision-making; and (3) participate in national and international affairs.

I.  Communication [6}*
ENC 1101, ENC 1102 Freshmen Communication Skills 1 & II or
ENC 1121, ENC 1122 Honors Freshman Composition 1 & II

II.  Mathematics [6]*
Two (2) mathematics courses at or above College Algebra from the approved course list.

III.  Natural Sciences [8]*
Any two (2) courses in Biology, Chemistry or Physics, each with a laboratory, chosen from the approved Natural Sciences course list.

IV.  Social Sciences [6]*
AMH 2091 Introduction to African American History and One non-history course approved from the Social Sciences course list.

V.  Humanities [6]*
Two (2) courses from the approved humanities course list.

VI.  Electives [3-4]*
Choose SPC 2608 Public Speaking or HSC 1100 Health for Modern Living or from any of the approved Mathematics, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences and Humanities lists.

Total . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .35-36

* A minimum grade of “C” is required.

A Planned Sequence in Professional Education
- This sequence is designed to: (1) develop the student’s skills in recognizing growth and development; (2) provide opportunities for students to diagnose educational problems confronting the community, state, and nation; (3) evaluate curriculum; (4) provide students opportunities to become technologically astute; and (5) assist students in gaining practical experience in the classroom.

The professional core consists of coursework that meets the general professional education requirements for initial teacher certification in the State of Florida. Specific programs may have additional requirements. The generalized professional core is as follows:

Pre-Teacher Education Courses

The following three courses are required as part of the student’s general education program and are incorporated into all teacher education programs throughout the State University System of Florida. They also are incorporated into Florida community college programs for aspiring education majors.

EDF 1005Introduction to the Teaching Profession w/Field Experience 3
*EDF 2085Introduction to Diversity for Educators w/Field Experience 3
EME 2040Introduction of Technology for Educators 3
EDG 1072College Success and Beyond3

Professional Education Core Courses

*EEC 3700Child Development or EDP 2002 Educational Psychology 3
PSY 2012Introduction to Psychology (Elementary)3
ESE 3341Theory and Practice of Teaching in Secondary Schools
or EDE 3940 Field Clinical II: Theory and Practice of Teaching/Instruction Objectives and Materials (Elementary)
EDF 3430Measurement and Evaluation of Educational Growth 3
EDE 4940Field Clinical III: Professional Theory and Legal Aspects/Role of the Teacher 3
 or ESE 4930 Instructional Seminar (Secondary majors) 3
 or PET 4401 Physical Education 3
XXX XXXXMethods of Teaching (respective content areas) 3
 Student Teaching12
RED 3333Teaching Reading the Content Area 3
TSL 3080ESOL Theory & Practice 3
TSL 4345Methods of Teaching ESOL for Elementary Education majors 3
TSL 4081ESOL Survey of Strategies for Learning for Secondary Schools3
*Background check with the Leon County School District is required. The cost is approximately $95.
**Students must purchase the Task Streaming Electronic Portfolio.

A Planned Sequence in the Area of Specialization-This sequence is designed to furnish the student with a command of the subject matter in an area of specialization. In the implementation of this sequence, the available resources of the university and community are used. The College of Education has cooperative arrangements with Florida school districts for its field experiences. Liability insurance must be purchased for field experiences.

The field experiences are designed to provide pre-service teachers with an opportunity to examine daily classroom experiences with teachers and their students. Students must purchase liability insurance.

Admissions to Professional Teacher Education Programs

Criteria for Admission to Teacher Education
The College of Education regulates and monitors the admission policies for all undergraduate and graduate teacher education programs. Admission to teacher education is a formal process in which certain criteria must be met, and the Application for Admission to Teacher Education must be completed and filed. Applications are processed by the Center for Academic Success. This process must not be confused with admission to the University.  All undergraduate teacher education majors will be classified as pre-teacher education students until they are formerly admitted into a professional teacher education program.  Pre-teacher students will be restricted to a limited number of identified courses in teacher education prior to being officially admitted to a specific teacher education program.

Students seeking admission to any teacher education program must meet all of the following criteria:
  • Have a grade point average (GPA) of 2.50 or higher for the general education component of undergraduate studies; or
  • Have completed the requirements for a baccalaureate degree with a minimum grade point average of 2.50 or higher;
  • Have met all “Gordon Rule” requirements.
  • Have a “C” or better in the required courses in their curriculum;
  • Have successfully completed a pre-admission interview by the College of Education Admission Committee;
  • Have successfully passed a criminal background investigation.
  • Have successfully passed all parts of the FTCE - General Knowledge Exam or CLAST (passing scores must be made before July 1, 2002)
  • Students are fully-admitted to designated teacher education programs and/or classified as “Professional Teacher Education Majors in their respective degree program when these criteria are met”
Since it is possible for students to apply for admission to teacher education at several points in their academic career, the following policies have been adopted for these variations:
  • Students at Florida A&M University must complete the Application for Admission to the Professional Teacher Education Program and file the same with the Center for Academic Success for monitoring purposes.
  • Students transferring from a community or junior college or another four-year institution with an AA degree or 60 or more hours should apply the first semester they are enrolled at Florida A&M University.
  • Students who change their majors to teacher education after enrolling in other programs at Florida A&M University should apply at the same time they request a change of major.
Students will be informed each semester as to their status towards admission into professional teacher education through the Center for Academic Success.

Criteria for Admission to Student Teaching
Student teaching is a supervised classroom teaching experience in an accredited elementary or secondary school for a minimum of fourteen weeks. Prerequisites for participating in this culminating experience are as follows:
  • Admission to teacher education (for students seeking degrees from Florida A&M University and for students seeking certification only);
  • Completion of all courses with the exception of internship;
  • File a  “Pre-Application for Student Teaching;” in the Center for Academic Success;
  • File a “Student Teaching Application,” in the Office of Student Teaching;
  • Successful clearance on a criminal background investigation;
  • Pass all subtests of the Florida Teacher Certification Exam (semester before student teaching);
  • Own the educational software to complete an electronic portfolio  (as prescribed by the College of Education);
  • Approval from the chair of the department to intern the semester prior to student teaching.
Application for student teaching must be approved the semester preceding the semester in which the student desires to complete the student teaching experience. Students will be required to adhere to published deadline dates.
Admission to teacher education and student teaching are administered through the College of Education’s Office of Student Services. Student teaching is required of all teacher education majors who seek completion of a state approved program.

  • Florida Statutes require individuals applying for a Florida teaching certificate to be finger printed and to reveal all criminal history  (Section 943.0585, F.S.) records, including sealed or expunged  records.
  • Students applying for admission to a teacher education program should reveal all criminal history records, including sealed or expunged records. Applicants approved to student teach will be required to pass a criminal background investigation prior to student teaching.

Students seeking program completion from FAMU’s state approved teacher education programs must successfully complete the following requirements:
  • Admission to the Professional Teacher Education Program;
  • All course work with the required cummulative GPA of 2.50;
  • Student teaching experience;
  • A portfolio which documents mastery of the Florida Accomplished Practices;
  • Pass all subtests of the Florida Teacher Certification Examination (semester before student teaching);
  • External Evaluation of satisfactory teaching ability; and
  • Internal Evaluation of satisfactory teaching ability.