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Contact Information
Include Name, Permanent Address (with ZIP code), School Address (if you have one), Permanent Phone Number, School and/or Cell Phone Number, Work Phone Number (if permitted to take personal calls at work), and E-mail Address (a professional e-mail address).

Career Objective
A brief statement of the type of position sought and what you can bring to the employer. Elements can include (1) job title, (2) level or type of responsibility, (3) skills, qualities, and/or knowledge you can bring to the organization or (4) a combination of two or three of these elements. Example using elements 1, 2, and 3: Position as a (1) sales representative with (2) responsibility for identifying and building a client base (3) using organizational and interpersonal skills. Of course, don't include the numbers. They are included to show how each section relates to the categories. Don't use phrases such as "challenging position." An employer assumes you want to be challenged. If you didn't, would you say, "simple position that doesn't tax my brain too much."

Begin with the most recent degree received or working on. Omit high school, unless you are starting your first year of college. Include the university/college name, degree, major, (anticipated) date of graduation, and location if not clear from the name. May also include GPA, relevant courses, special projects, academic honors, percentage of education and/or living expenses earned.

List position, organization, location, and dates. Using action verbs, describe activities and accomplishments performed. May include full-time and part-time work, internships, summer jobs, volunteer experiences, extended research projects for classes, assistantships, and extracurricular activities.

Honors and Awards
List any received. Include high school, but only if you are a first-year student in college. Skills Computer (hardware and software), foreign language proficiency. Extracurricular Activities List activities in or out of school if not already covered under experience. Professional Organizations: List memberships, offices and dates held. Other Pertinent Information Citizenship, special licenses, certificates. Omit personal information about background, family, marital status, age, hobbies, or interests not relevant to your objective and/or the position advertised.

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