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The Career and Professional Development Center offers many career and job search workshops designed to assist you with your career development. Workshops are available upon request to student organizations, academic classes, and community-based agencies.

  • To request a workshop for your class, group, or organization, fill out the Workshop Request Form.
  • To learn more about our workshops, come to the Career and Professional Development Center and speak to a career advisor.


Researching Compaines
Get in the know about the many types of employers that exist in the world of work, and find out more about those that best match your interests, values and abilities. This workshop will present strategies for obtaining employer information through various online, print and people resources, organizing employer information effectively, using resources and information for interviews, and making decisions about potential employment opportunities.

Job Search Strategies
This workshop provides an overview of key steps in the job search process. Topics covered include identifying job search targets and potential work settings, job search myths, a discussion of various job search methods, essential job search tools and strategies, barriers in the job search process, and how to make the process more positive and manageable.

Professional Etiquette
This workshop is designed to introduce students to the basics of business etiquette. It will help students to recognize the importance of proper etiquette as it relates to interviewing and business situations. Participants should leave the workshop with an understanding of how to conduct proper introductions, utilize effective written correspondence in their job search, and feel comfortable using proper etiquette in any business dining situation.

Negotiating Job Offers
This workshop is designed to help you prepare for job offer negotiation. The workshop will cover the job offer negotiation process, including points to remember, timeline and how to maximize your bargaining power.

Interviewing Skills
This hour long workshop is designed to help you learn how to prepare for the interview in terms of researching yourself, thinking about why an employer would want to hire you, researching the employer, knowing what to expect in an interview, how to dress properly, how to deal with anxiety. The workshop will cover typical interview questions, questions you might wish to ask the employer, steps to take following the interview.

Social Networking Sites: Do's and Don'ts
Information posted on Facebook is accessible to employers who have a faculty or alumni account. Come learn about how employers may be using your Facebook and LinkedIn profiles during the hiring process. Employers like to get a glimpse at how potential job candidates represent themselves. What kind of message are you sending? How can this affect your job search? How can you keep yourself from making a bad impression? Get answers to these questions and learn how to protect yourself.

Navigating The Career Expo
The Career Exposition Strategies workshop provides students with an overview of Career and Professional Develpment Center expositions, with special emphasis on Career and Internship Expo, a semi-annual event offering full-time employment opportunities. This workshop includes strategies to use during expositions such as how to prepare for a career fair, what to bring to the event, networking with employers and the importance of following up after the exposition.

Resume Writing
If you aren't sure where to begin in writing your resume, this workshop is for you! The Resume Writing workshop involves a discussion of the purpose of a resume, the various sections within a resume, different resume styles, and strategies for formatting your resume. Common mistakes made in writing resumes are discussed, as are "Do's" and "Don'ts" of resume writing. Writing cover letters and developing lists of references are also part of this hour-long workshop.

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