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Your resume will be one of your most important job search tools. While a resume won't land you a job, it can convince employers to grant you an interview.

A well-written resume introduces you to prospective employers, links your qualifications with the requirements of the job, and shows off your ability to present information in an organized and attractive manner.

Write a Rough Draft
Include your skills, experiences, knowledge, and accomplishments. Use the categories described in What to Include as guidelines.

Don't worry about the length of the draft or the format.

Once you have gathered all of your background information, it will be easier to group items and to make decisions about what is relevant.

Final Resume Should Be One Page
In most circumstances, a resume should be one page. Very experienced alums may need to make it longer, but never go more than two pages. Other relevant information can be included in the cover letter. While brevity is an important quality for resumes, be sure to include relevant details about your experiences.

Graduate students applying for teaching positions or research positions in the private sector should be writing a curriculum vitae.

Tailor the Resume to the Job Announcement
You may need different versions of your resume depending on the variety of jobs sought. To be effective, a resume must allow a perspective employer to compare your qualifications with the elements of the job.

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