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Our website is a service provided by the FAMU Career Center to provide comprehensive online career resources. This website has a variety of features and interest groups that can be of service to you. Under Career Resources in the top menu you will find detailed websites providing at-a-glance advice as well as access to our in-depth handouts and multimedia content that can help you in both setting and achieving career goals.

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At any time you feel like you need more assistance, keep in mind that we provide expert advice on any of your career concerns. Career Coaches are available during our business hours to assist you and help you learn tips and tricks that will help you with your current search and any search you may have in the future.

Schedule an Appointment by calling: 850.599.3700

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The University Career Center hosts a number of events throughout the school year. These range from short workshops, to employer information sessions, to career fairs, and you are welcome to view our calendar and attend any of these.

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