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What is the First Destination Survey?

The First Destination Survey is very brief (three to five minute) instrument which is emailed to all graduating students approximately four weeks prior to the end of classes every quarter. The results tells us what FAMU students are doing or what they plan to be doing when they graduate. The information collected relates to graduate school, career plans, salary and qualitative information pertaining to learning outcomes and students' preparation for life after FAMU.

The Unique Nature of the Career Center's First Destination Survey:

Although there are several other efforts within the FAMU campus to ascertain the post-graduation plans of certain populations, this is the only effort focused on reporting the actual post-graduation status of all FAMU undergraduates, sent to all graduating students at the end of each semester. We ask graduating students to share with us whether their career or graduate school plans are firmly in place, a work-in-progress, or still a mystery. Regardless, we ask them to just complete the survey as best they can so we know what exactly it is that Rattlers are doing the day they graduate.

How the First Destination Survey Supports the Mission of FAMU:

The responses we collect and present help future Rattlers prepare for their career and post-graduation goals. The FAMU Career and Professional Development Center's First Destination Survey (FDS) provides comprehensive and reliable data which can be used to accurately inform and shape career expectations of current undergraduates, new alumni, and prospective students. It also provides accurate post-graduation outcomes information to the FAMUcommunity at large (administrators, academic departments, etc.), parents, employers and hiring organizations, and they help fulfill local, national, and international Media requests.

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