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Alumni Affairs

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Alumni Affairs
625 E. Tennessee Street
Suite 100
Tallahassee, Florida 32308-4933

Welcome to the Office of Alumni Affairs main website. This is the place where you will find information and news about events and services for FAMU alumni. If you are an alumnus, we welcome and encourage you to be a part of our FAMUnity. The services we provide not only accommodate our alumni all over the country, but they also help enhance the image of the University. We invite you to join us in working to help Florida A&M University achieve true greatness.

The FAMU Office of Alumni Affairs is pleased to serve as a point of communication for all of our alums and the University at large. We also act as a liaison for providing services offered by the National Alumni Association. We offer support and information on behalf of the NAA. We encourage you to become a member of the NAA if you’re not involved already. Why? We believe there is strength in numbers. The NAA goes the extra mile in greatly assisting our students with scholarship dollars to achieve the goal of attaining a college degree.

What’s more, a unified voice among loyal alums speaks volumes when the University’s Alumni Family stands together to battle issues that challenge the fate of our beloved institution and its programs. When critics peruse the numbers to gauge our sentiments on issues, our numbers could convey a significant point, especially when lawmakers from your respective hometowns are faced with making key decisions about Florida A&M University. They know your vote and your voice count.

Not only do we offer services and information, we also offer a place for alumni to congregate and fellowship, whether it is on our website or within the Alumni House. The welcome mat is always waiting to greet you here at the Office of Alumni Affairs. We hope to be the home away from home for Rattlers across the nation. As we move forward as a team in support of our University, it is our desire to inspire those who are a part of our FAMUnity and those who will eventually become a part of the Rattler family. Please feel free to take time to explore our website....a positive place for news you can use from the “HILL”.

Yours in Service,

Carmen Cummings-Martin

Carmen Cummings Martin
Executive Director
Office of Alumni Affairs